Global cooling/warming.... economic decline... Islamic terror.... who could possibly want to be President?

I am, alas, an envious fellow, especially when it comes to artistic pursuits. Oh, if I could only have written that book… made that movie, etc. Although it declines as I grow older, sometimes I can be a pretty jealous guy (not my best trait).


But one person I would never envy is the President of the United States. Talk about a job with no control! Take the three big issues of the moment, global warming (assuming it exists), the economy and Islamic terrorism. In fact the first two are probably beyond the intellectual competence of anyone who has ever served in the office and the third may be intractable. That’s a good reason to ignore global warming more or less completelly, even if you say you’re not. [There’s a strategy I would follow.-ed Me too.] This article (linked by Glenn) saying the economy is well outside anyone’s control makes sense to me and Islamism seems to behave like a giant virus with no antidote.

So new Mr. President Obama, what do you do? Well… stage a big inauguration party and spend more money than anyone in history. Seems as rational a response as anything. [But what about people like you who don’t like parties?-ed. I wasn’t invited anyway.]


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