New Orleans and the MSM

Even coming from the position of ignorance that I am in – typing this post from close to the other side of the world from New Orleans in Kyoto, Japan – I feel that The Anchoress is correct in her superbly written analysis of the hurricane catastrophe and the press, specifically CNN. I am able to watch CNN,nby far the most common American television outlet outside the US, in my hotel room – and it is a wretched display of biased and reactionary journalism indeed. They started blaming the administration, as The Anchoress shows us, almost before anyone knew what was really happening (assuming that we do now).


I think CNN would turn Noah’s flood into a partisan attack on George Bush. Even such a hardened politico as James Carville had to tell their brain dead reporter to shut up and deal with the reality in front of him, rather than casting blame. What is wrong with these CNN people? What culture do they come from? Their lack of moral and psychological sophistication is truly stunning.

When I see this kind of reporting, I know we are doing the right thing at Pajamas Media in trying to organize the blogosphere, just a little bit, as the beginning of an antidote.


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