Mullahs Play Hardball (Again)

From Bloomberg: Iran rejected as “unacceptable” a European Union proposal that calls for the suspension of uranium enrichment in the country, the Iranian foreign ministry said.


“The Europeans’ proposal lacks the criteria enshrining Iran’s interests and runs counter to the non-proliferation treaty’s spirit,” Hamid-Reza Assefi, a ministry spokesman, said, the state-run Iranian new agency reported today on its Web site.

Simultaneously, the Mullahs are orchestrating their propaganda campaign via their mouthpiece the Tehran Times:

Nuclear energy is an undeniable right of the Iranian nation which cannot be compromised, a group of students from the Central Province said in a statement on Saturday.

“No government has the right to renounce this right or to trade it for political reasons, and any proposal on the country’s nuclear issue should include the nation’s legal right to make use of nuclear technology,” the statement read.

The students underlined that the world is aware of the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities…

Allowing a religiofascist state to have nuclear weapons is sort of like giving a loaded gun to a three-year old.


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