Eurocrats Ignore Washington Post

It seems European leaders were no more impressed by the Washington Post’s self-serving unsourced intell leakers than I was. You remember – the ones who said only a day or two ago that Iran was ten years away from nuclear weapons. Otherwise, I doubt the Europeans would be putting so much pressure on that country, as is now being reported by the IHT.


PARIS: In an effort to end the stand-off over Iran’s nuclear program, senior European negotiators on Friday submitted a sweeping proposal to Tehran, offering economic and political incentives and support for its ambitions to generate nuclear power if it abandons activities that could develop nuclear weapons.

But by calling an extraordinary session on Tuesday of the UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Europeans also appeared to signal that their proposal was an ultimatum that if rejected would make the prospect of sending the case to the UN Security Council more likely.

The proposal was handed to the new Iranian leadership by ambassadors from France, Germany and Britain, the three countries that have spearheaded a diplomatic initiative to dissuade Iran from pursuing ambiguous nuclear activities that might be used to make an atomic bomb.


Tehran said it would examine the document and respond within two days.

And the beat goes on… But, in retropect, that anonymous reporting by the WaPo seems even more cynical and shoddy. Shame on them.

MEANWHILE: For Iran, “trouble ahead, trouble behind.” No wonder they’re pushing for nukes.



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