Behind the Scenes in Amman

Several people have pointed me toward some interesting Iraq developments being reported by the email subscription only DEBKA-Net-Weekly. Take it for what you will, but Debka is saying that a deal is near completion between the Sunni Baathist wing of the insurgency and the Iraqi government. (This would leave Zarkawi et al out in the cold.) The deal is being brokered in Amman by Iyad Allawi. It would leave the Sunnis with somewhat greater participation in the government by increasing the number of voting constituencies to 28 in the coming constitution. (There were 18 in the previous election).


Many parties are near signing off on this including the US, King Abdullah, Mubarak and even Bashar Assad, who would allegedly be preventing terror infiltration into Iraq from Syria. Is this too good to be true? Probably, but it makes interesting reading.



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