A New Generation of Father Coughlins

It’s hard to believe the Democratic Party is breeding a new generation of Father Coughlins but that’s what it sounds like in the wake of the meeting chaired by Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, once a revered civil rights leader. (Hey, Coughlin himself was once one of Roosevelt’s greatest supporters and coined the phrase “Roosevelt or ruin!“).


Now we learn from several sources that the mysterious memos that stimulated this reactionary orgy of anti-Semitism and just plain butt-dumb stupidity may have been faked. At the very least they are another example of the kind of unsourced hearsay journalism that has turned even the most august of mainstream media outlets into a joke. In this case it is the London Times that has sashayed into the Grub Street whorehouse. Now the paper is using an anonymous spokesman to say memos from an anonymous source “appeared authentic.” It almost seems like a Marx Brothers routine except real people’s lives are involved in all this!



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