Beirut in Teheran?

I don’t know how reliable this report by Iran Focus is, but it’s certainly worth noting:

Tehran, Mar. 15 ‚Äì Tehran was left in a standstill this evening as the population poured into the streets to mark the national ‘fire’ festival of Chahar-shanbeh Souri despite intense pressures by the Iranian regime to prevent a possible uprising.


Eye-witnesses reported that full-size puppets of high-ranking officials, such as the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the regime’s president Mohammad Khatami, were set on fire by youths at numerous locations throughout the Iranian capital. Trucks belonging to Iran’s security forces were also set ablaze.

“Guns, tanks, the Bassij (Para-military security forces) no longer have an affect”, large crowds shouted in central Tehran, as they took part in the traditional celebrations where Iranians jump over fires ablaze on the streets.


“Khamenei resign! Get off your thrown”, youths shouted, as the government unleashed its Revolutionary Guards to crack down on the demonstrators.

Also in Isfahan:

…youths clashed with SSF and Bassij agents, as authorities tried to prevent protesters from lighting up bonfires. Hit-and-run clashes continued until midnight, eye-witnesses reported.

The Mullahs will have to get some antibiotic to stop this viral spread of democracy. [Maybe Flagyl will work.-ed. It’s only so-so for anthrax.]


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