Crunch Time for the Mainstream Media

In the last three years, Afghanistan and Iraq have gone more or less democratic, Libya has stood down on nuclear weapons, Ukraine has gone democratic, the Palestinian Authority and even Egypt are making democratic noises and now a near-fascist pro-Syrian regime has resigned in Lebanon. Will all of this work out perfectly? Of course not. Nothing in history moves in a straight line. But this is a rather remarkable achievement of epoch proportions and is clearly the result of a strong US foreign policy.


And our traditionalist mainstream media, for the most part, has opposed it all the way. How will they now react?

UPDATE: Something interesting from Haaretz:

Israel Radio reported Monday that Beirut’s government had agreed to resign last week, but that the commander of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon had forbade it from doing so.

An additional thought: special attention is probably being paid to satellite imagery of the Bekaa Valley. WMDs on the move?



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