America Raises the Ante

According to CNN, the USA has just raised its donation level for tsunami disaster relief from 35 million to 350 million. Obviously, this a good thing we all applaud. Let’s all be on the same team about this one. For that reason I quickly said “yes” to the free UNICEF relief ad on this site. Until further notice, all aid is positive (but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a minute to decide where your money should be going).


John Podhoretz has an excellent column this morning decrying the politicization of tragedy. I’m going to do my best to avoid it. Call that my first New Year’s Resolution of the day…

UPDATE: For SoCal residents, the folks at KSCI-TV Channel 18 (a mulit-cultural station servinging the large Asian community in LA) have asked me to inform readers they will be holding a telethon for disaster relief from 1 to 5 PM New Year’s Day.

MORE: More skilled than I at such things, N. Z. Bear has a generic relief ad.


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