Speaking of bias...

I admit up front that US News & World Report senior writer Michael Barone is a personal friend and a friend of this blog. That said, there’s no one I can think of in the mainstream media with a more clear-eyed view of American electoral politics. In his last article before the vote, he writes:


My theory: The news media, much of it heavily biased, has been a more effective Bush opponent than Kerry and the Democrats. That’s why both Kerry and John Edwards in debates urged voters to remember what they’ve been seeing on television.

It should go without saying that I agree. But what does that mean for the post-electoral phase? Jonah Goldberg’s speculations cited below are interesting, but they are per force limited. There is a great deal to say on this matter and not a little mystery. I suspect the role of blogs will increase as semi-loyal opposition to the MSM, especially if our financial support increases (yes, we’re working on it). In any case, read Barone. He da man.



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