Tim Rutten on "Faith-Based" Reporting...

…in today’s LAT – Rather went on faith, not facts:

The Los Angeles Times had its Staples Center scandal; the Washington Post Janet Cooke’s fabricated Pulitzer Prize-winner; the New York Times had Jayson Blair; and USA Today, Jack Kelley. In each instance, the organization immediately and exhaustively investigated what had gone wrong and put the findings in their entirety before their readers. CNN did precisely the same thing after its so-called Tailwind scandal, as did NBC in 1992, when its “Dateline” newsmagazine was caught broadcasting staged events.


Thus far, no such action has been undertaken by CBS executives, which is worse than inexplicable.

That about says it all.

UPDATE: Of course, the non-Rutten “news” side of the LAT takes more of a New Reactionary approach to the Rather story. (hat tip: Yehudit)


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