I was trying to think of how to make...

… a joke out of this. Sorry. [Maybe your comedy career is over.-ed. Well, Pryor’s retired. Maybe only a deeply sick person could make a joke from this.-ed. Yup.]


It’s worth quoting this bit from Barcepundit:

UPDATE. A reader from California writes:

As I said to my wife this morning after seeing the amoral ad in El Pais:

“Honey, cancel our trip to Spain this winter.”

It’s kinda sad to hear this, but I’m afraid I can’t blame him.

I’ll add that this blogger, who lived a wonderful year of his life in Mijas, near Malaga, and has visited Spain a half-dozen times since, has no immediate plans to take his wife and daughter (both of whom would love the country, as I did, and neither of whom have ever been).

UPDATE: In response to Franco Aleman’s (Barcepundit) post below, I have to admit that I adore Spain and really would go at the drop of a hat, despite all. (I’m a lousy boycotter.) Who could resist an evening of tapas in Madrid or Barcelona? Not to mention all my Spanish friends, most of whom (other than Franco) would be shocked to read this blog. This situation is just all too terribly sad. I would commend to you as well the post by “mongai,” who is from Kyoto, just below Franco’s. His point is well taken.


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