Are You Sure It Wasn't Marijuana?

The Great Socks Controversy continues, despite Berger’s lawyer’s denials:

Reports CNN’s Bob Franken: “Three law enforcement sources talking to CNN’s Justice Department correspondent Kelli Arena [say] they saw him [Sandy Berger], or that he had been seen, putting documents in his socks.”


Saturday Night Live, where are you? This would be funny were it not so blood-curdling. As I understand it, these documents Berger “inadvertently” (to the tune of about 70pp) took home from the archive on more than one occasion were about blowing up LAX. That happens to be my home airport. My friends and family fly through there on a regular basis, not to mention a gazillion other people. To laugh this away, as Clinton did, is beyond juvenile. It’s creepy. (via: Daily Dish)

MEANWHILE: MK wins the Best Blog Headline of the Year So Far (at least from this blog). Maybe he should write for SNL.



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