Anniversary Waltz

Today is Sheryl and my Tenth Anniversary. I am a lucky man indeed to be married to this incredibly intelligent, beautiful, accomplished and loving woman. Whether I deserve it is another matter, but I do know that she has kept me sane through an extraordinary time in both of our lives. These are the days when I open my email and receive friendly missives like this anniversary greeting:


Among the lesser evils of the world, if there is any sadder sight than a liberal who “converts” to the radical right, I have yet to see it. Moses Wine would be ashamed of you. So am I.

Jim Turner

Never mind that the last I heard the “radical right” is not supporting gay marriage and stem cell research. Or that the descent into junk terminology of the terms “right” and “left” has been one of the principal themes of this blog for over a year. You don’t expect discernment from people like this. I should be grateful I am only “Among the lesser evils of the world.”

Still, as a novelist and a screenwriter, I was not used to being so hated. I guess it comes with the territory of having a “public” opinion, but I don’t take to it so well. Without Sheryl, I would be a lonely, depressed man indeed. But with Sheryl, I am fantastically happy. I wake up every day ecstatic that she is there. What more could a man possibly want? I love you, Sheryl. Happy Anniversary!


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