Reports on the Report

Undoubtedly there are more, but I have just read two online analyses of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report — one on Newsweek and the other… considerably more thorough and interesting… by Dan Darling at Winds of Change. The Senators, of course, have their own reports. Darling writes of them:


I’ll be quite honest and say that most of these strike me as rather polemical in nature and seems more or less designed to set up the next phase of Washington politicking, with both Republican and Democratic senators making claims that, truth be told, are not supported or are in certain cases directly contradicted by the actual text of the document in question. I’ll be quite honest and say that if one reads simply the additional views but not the body of the report that they’re going to be left with an extremely skewed view as far as what the report actually says or the conclusions that were reached within it on a number of key points.

Who’d a thunk it? Anyway, check out what Dan has to say and Newsweek too (I guess).



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