Sweden Is Safer in the Summertime, But No One Wants to Face the Reason Why

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Recent developments in Britain and France are making it clear to everyone what European countries have done to themselves, but the full effects still won’t be seen for another few decades. Still, there are hints of what is happening, and what is to come, that are unmistakable to those who are paying attention. The attentive, however, are still few — so few that this entire ghastly drama will have to be played out to its almost inevitable conclusion. Consider, for example, a piquant and revealing news item from Sweden: crime rates go down in the summertime. Why? Because the “refugees” go on vacation.


The Swedish-language publication Fria Tider reported Tuesday that “in southern Sweden, it becomes quieter in the summer when the criminals go on holiday to their home countries, according to the police.”

Yes, you read that right: the people who commit most of the crimes in Sweden go on vacation to their countries of origin, and so their place of refuge becomes calmer and safer for the native population. Mats Karlsson, the head of intelligence for the police in the southern region of Sweden, explained: “Some of them, who originate in other countries, go there over the summer. Then we notice a big difference, a greater calm, in our vulnerable areas. In the second year when they are still in Sweden, they become messier.”

Now wait a minute. Aren’t many of these migrants supposed to be asylum seekers and refugees? So why are they vacationing in the countries they supposedly fled for their lives?

Also, who is paying for these vacations, with migrants receiving “65 percent of social welfare expenditures”? Swedish taxpayers, obviously. But why?

The “foreign-born represent 53 percent of individuals with long prison sentences, 58 percent of the unemployed.” As if that weren’t enough, they receive “77 percent of Sweden’s child poverty is present in households with a foreign background, while 90 percent of suspects in public shootings have immigrant backgrounds.” What benefit does Sweden receive from importing a large criminal element?


Whatever good the Swedish elites think that the migrants are bringing to Sweden, they continue to ignore the fact that many of the migrants wish to transform Sweden and all of Europe and remake it in their own image. One reason for their high crime rate is their absolute contempt for the laws of the unbelievers, “the most vile of created beings” (Qur’an 98:6). Add to this mix a multiculturalist ethos that exalts the presence of foreign and non-assimilated cultures within Western countries perceived as large umbrella structures for a huge variety of diverse peoples, and the stage is set for a policy of appeasement and accommodation of the ideology of Islamic supremacism.

European elites today believe that by admitting large numbers of Muslim immigrants into their country and making special accommodations for Islamic culture and practices, Europe will achieve a new cultural flowering — but left unconsidered in this is the nature of political Islam, which when dominant is hardly hospitable to rival political systems or cultures.

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Cultural appeasement has become the norm in Europe today. The old model of requiring that immigrants assimilate and adopt the customs and mores of their new country has given way to a multiculturalist model that envisions immigrants maintaining their own practices and cultural habits in their new country. 


In the case of Islam, since Islamic law contains a complete model for society and governance that is considered to be divinely inspired and superior to all its rivals, multiculturalism accommodation is short-sighted and tantamount to cultural suicide. And given that Islam also is unique among the religions of the world in containing a developed doctrine, theology, and legal system that mandates warfare against unbelievers, this accommodation is difficult to distinguish, either in intention or effect, from outright appeasement.

If Sweden and many of the countries of Western Europe do become Islamized, as demographic trends suggest, before too long America will be facing a world that is drastically different and more forbidding than today. And the same process of Islamization will proceed here — unless enough people wake up in time to head it off. The Muslim population in the United States is much smaller than that of Western Europe. The active Sharia advocates and supremacists among them are even smaller in number.

Nonetheless, the same things that have happened in Europe could easily happen in the United States. The vacationing “refugees” of Sweden and its correspondingly lower crime rate should be a wake-up call. But it won’t be.




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