After Perfecting Plan to Avoid Falling UP the Stairs, Old Joe Biden Nearly Tumbles DOWN the Stairs

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Old Joe Biden is neither physically nor mentally fit to be the president of the United States, and one of the clearest indications of this is the fact that the stairs into Air Force One have repeatedly defeated him. The alleged Commander-In-Chief has more than once taken comic pratfalls as he has tried to board his airplane. The world has noticed his incapacity, and the Biden regime has noticed in turn that the world has seen all this. Thus they’ve worked out a plan to limit Biden’s pratfalls while climbing stairs, only to have the sinister corruptocrat nearly tumble down the stairs on Tuesday. For regime wonks, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.


The New York Post reported Tuesday that the superannuated pseudo-president, stung by the criticism of his inability to stay on his feet, “has been doing balancing exercises in order to avoid more public spills as his team frets over polls showing that three-quarters of Americans think he is too old for a second term.” He is indeed too old for a second term. He was too old for a first term. He was always too corrupt and mendacious to be president at all. But here we are. The Post adds that “in addition to meeting with physical therapist Drew Contreras,” Old Joe “has been spotted opting for sneakers rather than slippery dress shoes, and is using the shorter staircase to help him reach Air Force One’s flight deck.”

This is what your tax dollars are paying for: Biden regime image protection wonks, freshly graduated from Harvard and Yale and Brown and all the other centers of far-left indoctrination, huddling over their soy lattes to plot out how to deceive the American people into thinking that this crooked and dishonest dementia patient is a competent, functioning Chief Executive. “Get him to wear sneakers; that’ll improve his grip.” “Yeah, good idea. And we can send him up the short stairs instead of the long ones; that’ll minimize the possibility for disaster.”


On Tuesday, however, Old Joe thwarted his own wonks. The Post notes that he slipped and nearly tumbled down a 14-step staircase while exiting Air Force One, and the close call was lovingly captured on video. Old Joe’s socialist cadres quickly leapt (without stumbling) to his defense. “Liberal influencer” Brian Krassenstein wrote defensively, “I want every single person working for the RNC to answer these three questions: 1) Have you ever slightly stumbled walking down stairs in your life? 2) Are you 80 years old? 3) Does that mean you are bad at your job or should be fired? FDR was literally in a wheelchair throughout his presidency.”

Well, let’s see. I don’t work for the RNC, but I’ll be happy to take a crack at Krassenstein’s questions. 1) Yes. But I don’t do it as frequently as Old Joe does, and I am not president of the United States, or even pretending to be the figurehead and mouthpiece for shadowy elements that are even more sinister than Old Joe himself. 2) No. Once again, should a man of such an advanced age really be attempting to operate, or even appear to operate, as the leader of the free world, or more accurately in Old Joe’s case, the destroyer of the free world? 3) Not in itself. But it indicates a physical incapacity to match Biden’s obvious mental incapacity, and FDR, as wrongheaded as he was on numerous occasions, never displayed any lack of mental acumen.


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Another one of Old Joe’s defenders grumbled, “I don’t understand the fixation of the GOP with Biden tripping. He’s an old man, he’s going to do that once in a while.” Right. He’s an old man, so he should retire to his taxpayer-funded walled Delaware beach house and count the millions that he and Hunter made peddling influence and access. He’s an old man, and since he’s going to do that once in a while, he should get out of the way. He has made quite enough money in over a half-century of feeding at the public trough. He should allow the American people to have a competent president who has their best interests at heart, rather than continuing to inflict himself, as well as the left’s insane domestic agenda and treasonous foreign agenda, upon the American people.

The pratfalls are only a small element of Biden’s incapacity and one of the most visible signs of it. This man has done appalling damage to the United States of America while pretending to be president. The next time he falls, he should take it as a cue and end his own misery as well as ours by exiting the scene.


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