Iran's Khamenei Crows About America's Decline as He Counts the Billions Biden Sent Him

(Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP)

The timing of the Biden regime’s announcement that it was sending six billion dollars to Iran in exchange for five American hostages was fitting: the announcement came last Monday, Sept. 11. The Biden regime handing over billions to a rogue Islamic regime that will certainly use it to aid jihad groups internationally and choosing Sept. 11 as the date of the announcement was emblematic of its willful ignorance and capitulation to jihad forces. And now Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei, is rubbing it in, crowing about America’s decline and weakness as he counts his American billions. Thanks, Joe!


Iran’s state-controlled Press TV reported Monday that in Khamenei’s assessment, “the world is on the threshold or the beginning of a transformation, which includes the weakening of the arrogant powers.” Khamenei’s words echoed Barack Obama’s infamous statement on Oct. 30, 2008: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Considering the fact that Obama, like Old Joe, sent Khamenei billions, that’s peculiarly fitting.

Also like Khamenei, Obama appears to have been interested in America’s decline. Back during Obama’s first campaign for the presidency, a wire service photo captured him crossing an airplane tarmac holding far-left talking head Fareed Zakaria’s book, “The Post-American World,” which details a scenario in which the United States would “no longer dominate the global economy, orchestrate geopolitics, or overwhelm cultures.” Zakaria’s book, in other words, is a manual for America’s weakening, and Obama was reading it avidly.

Now Khamenei is crowing that the mission has been accomplished: “The arrogant power of America and some European countries has weakened and will become weaker,” he declared. He claimed that the U.S. was fomenting unrest inside Iran and added, “The enemy is serious in its enmity and planning, but we are also very serious in confronting the enemy.” Imagine the chutzpah: Khamenei’s wallet is bulging with American billions, courtesy of Old Joe Biden, and he is over in Tehran warning about the scheming of “the enemy” who has just propped up his oppressive regime with a much-needed infusion of cash.


“The enemy has targeted two basic points,” Khamenei continued. “One is national unity, the other is national security, and we must stand against this plan of the enemy.” Khamenei made it quite clear as if it hadn’t been already: he regards the United States as Iran’s enemy, which has just unaccountably supplied it with a massive financial boost. But while he is happy to accept American largesse, Khamenei doesn’t think this means that America is no longer the enemy of the Islamic Republic.

What does this say about Old Joe Biden? Doesn’t that indicate that in sending six billion dollars to Iran, the Biden regime is giving aid and comfort to the enemy? And isn’t that the very definition of treason?

Khamenei went on to expand on his theme of American decline, saying that the transformation of the world he was seeing involved the demise of its lone superpower and its allies: “The main lines of this transformation are several things: First of all, the weakening of the world’s arrogant powers. The arrogant power of America has weakened and is getting weaker. Another main line of this evolution is the emergence of new regional and global powers.”

He noted that even American sources agreed that America was in decline: “They themselves say that the indicators of American power in the world like economy are declining. One of the most important indicators of American power was the strong American economy; they say it is declining.”


Sure. The question Khamenei doesn’t consider, however, is that of whether or not this decline is irreversible. If Americans can manage to weaken the traitor class in 2024 and destroy it subsequently, Khamenei may be surprised to see a resurgent and resilient United States reclaim its place on the global stage. If that happens, on the other hand, Khamenei may not be around to see it, for without Old Joe sending billions their way, the mullahs may not last long. For all of Khamenei’s crowing about the decline of the United States, his own regime could fall first if patriots can manage to persuade Washington corruptocrats to stop propping it up with new shipments of billions.

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Khamenei concluded with a reference from the guiding force of his regime, Islam: “The Qur’an has given us a standard. The Qur’an says that ‘Muhammad is the Messenger of God and those who are with him.’ Are we with the Prophet or not? This is the way, it has a sign. ‘And those who are with Him are bitter against the infidels.’ If you see that the way we are going is a path that makes the infidels happy, know that you are not bitter against the infidels. So you are not with the Messenger of God, you are not with the Prophet.”

Khamenei was referring to this Qur’an verse: “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are ruthless [or “bitter,” as Press TV translated it] against the unbelievers and merciful among themselves” (48:29). Should the Biden regime really be showering money upon a government that has called America “the enemy” and vowed to be “bitter” or “ruthless” toward the United States?



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