Corrupt Bedfellows: SPLC and FBI Working Together to Frame Catholics as Terrorists

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Biden regime’s staggeringly corrupt FBI has spies in Catholic Churches to hunt for “domestic terrorism,” and now it has come to light that aiding it in the dirty work of framing pro-life Catholics as dangerous “extremists” is none other than the massively discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which uses its immense war chest to stigmatize and demonize legitimate groups on the Right by lumping them in with the likes of the KKK and neo-Nazis. For a wealthy and unscrupulous private organization to do that is one thing, but for the feds to endorse it and partner with that organization is quite another.


That does, however, seem to be what is happening. The Daily Signal reported Sunday that the FBI “appears, at least briefly, to have joined the Southern Poverty Law Center’s attempt to demonize Roman Catholics who follow the church’s teachings on marriage and who celebrate the Latin Mass.” Such Roman Catholics are among the least likely people on the planet to endorse the Leftist establishment’s obsession with deviance and perversion, and so it’s easy to see why they have been singled out for such treatment.

One of those Catholics, Michael J. Matt, editor of a feisty traditionalist Catholic newspaper called The Remnant and producer of Remnant TV, noted that his organization, which is not remotely connected with violence or terrorism, was listed on a “leaked FBI memo.” Matt also pointed out that the FBI and SPLC were showing signs of laziness, as Matt’s organization was listed along with other Catholic groups that he pointed out were “defunct.”

This was, Matt said, an example the “FBI phoning it in”: its list of “radical-traditional Catholic hate groups” came from a 2007 list compiled by the SPLC’s Heidi Beirich and Rhonda Brownstein. Matt asked incredulously: “They took Heidi Beirich and Rhonda Brownstein’s word for it, from 2007?!” He added: “There has been an explosion of traditional Catholic groups since Pope Benedict XVI brought back the Latin Mass. None of the new groups who are in positions of real influence are targeted in the memo.” That’s good, but the fact that the FBI is working with the SPLC and targeting law-abiding citizens because it disapproves of their religious beliefs is disquieting enough.


What’s more, the Daily Signal notes that the SPLC “has branded mainstream conservative and Christian nonprofits ‘hate groups,’ placing them on a map with chapters of the Ku Klux Klan.” This includes Jihad Watch and the David Horowitz Freedom Center, which have committed no offense other than standing for human rights for all people. The Signal goes on to note that “former employees have condemned the ‘hate’ labeling as a ‘highly profitable scam’ tracing back to the co-founder’s talents as a fundraiser. In 2019, the SPLC fired that co-founder amid a racial discrimination and sexual harassment scandal, the full truth of which has yet to be revealed.”

The FBI apparently sees no problem with all that. Under questioning from Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) back in March, Gestapo chief Merrick Garland insisted that “the Justice Department does not do that,” that is, send spies into parishes, “and does not, uh, um, do investigations based on religion.” But Garland was, of course, lying. The feds did have informants in Catholic churches, snooping around and looking for evidence of that domestic terror threat that the Biden regime keeps insisting is the worst such threat we face today. Nor has there been any indication that they’ve taken these spies out of the pews.


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On April 10, Fox News reported that the FBI “recently sought to develop sources inside Christian churches and Catholic dioceses as part of an effort to combat domestic terrorism.” This was clear from internal FBI documents that the House Judiciary Committee released to the public. The documents reveal that the FBI was attempting to use “mainline Catholic parishes” as “new avenues for tripwire and source development.”

The feds wanted to educate sympathetic Catholics about “the warning signs of radicalization” and then get them to help stop these alleged Catholic terrorists by obtaining “their assistance to serve as suspicious activity tripwires.” Imagine the uproar if the FBI issued similar statements about Muslims and mosques, but it wouldn’t dare. It continues to demonstrate a breathtaking resolve to construct a reality other than the one we happen to be living in. If there were a steady stream of terrorists routinely “radicalized” in Catholic churches, there might be some justification for this program. But there isn’t, and this was simply harassment and scapegoating of Christians.

This lawless regime will not stop with Christians, either.



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