FBI Played Fast and Loose With the Facts to Exaggerate 'Domestic Terror' Threat

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Old Joe Biden said it again last Sunday: “The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.” Old Joe has told this particular whopper before, as has Gestapo chief Merrick Garland and the FBI. Yet actual white supremacist terrorists in any significant numbers have been notably lacking. But you’ll be relieved to know, however, that our nation’s intrepid G-men are on the case: an FBI whistleblower testified before Congress Thursday that the bureau had actually fudged data in order to make domestic terrorism related to the Jan. 6 fake “insurrection” look much bigger than it really is.


The Center Square reported Thursday that this thoroughly unsurprising revelation of more shenanigans by the Biden regime’s thoroughly corrupt FBI “came as part of a hearing held by the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government where FBI whistleblowers testified before lawmakers about abuse and politicization of the FBI.” Unrepentant, the weaponized FBI is lashing out at those who are daring to reveal how far the bureau has fallen: the whistleblowers “also testified about backlash they received, even losing their jobs as retaliation for refusing to toe the narrative established by FBI leadership.”

Steve Friend, a former FBI agent who worked for the bureau for five years, testified that FBI top dogs jimmied the data to make the Jan. 6 “insurrectionist” threat look far bigger than it really was. Of course, in real life it was nonexistent, but the feds played around with how they dealt with each case in order to support the false claim that their really was an “insurrection” that they had to deal with.

Friend explained: “Typically you would investigate Jan. 6 as one case with lots of subjects, but instead the decision was made to open up a separate case for every single individual there.” This was akin to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s decision to charge Donald Trump with 34 felonies when falsification of business records is ordinarily a misdemeanor, and the separate charges all refer to a single incident.


And as is so often the case in situations of this kind, the FBI’s misdeeds get even worse. Friend added, “And instead of, on paper, investigating them from the Washington field office, spreading and disseminating those to the field offices around the country, and if the individual lived in that area.” He explained that “in effect,” this chicanery “made it look like there was domestic terrorism cases and activities that were going on around the 56 field offices when in fact the cases were really all from Washington, D.C., and Washington had a task force that was responsible for calling the shots in all those cases.” This would allow Biden and his henchmen to claim that the FBI was dealing with “white supremacist terrorists,” or at very least “domestic extremists,” all over the country, and that it did indeed therefore constitute the biggest terror threat the nation faced.

Friend also noted that this was not an isolated incident, but “part of a trend”; he pointed out that the FBI’s National Security Branch “has refocused counterterrorism from legitimate foreign actors to political opponents within our borders.” In other words, the FBI is no longer focusing on tracking Islamic jihad terrorists and impeding their activities; instead, fresh from its efforts to frame Donald Trump for collusion with Russia, it is paying the lion’s share of its attention to monitoring and framing Donald Trump’s supporters, who happen to be foes of the Biden regime.


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This is not the sort of behavior that a genuine intelligence and law enforcement agency should be engaged in, and it reveals yet again that the contemporary Left is authoritarian at its core and determined to crush dissent from the ridiculous, America-Last policies of this regime. The Center Square notes that not only has the FBI been busy trying to exaggerate the domestic terrorism threat, it “may have played more of a role in inciting the events of Jan. 6 than previously thought.” Indeed. And so now we have the FBI fabricating an “insurrectionist” threat and then setting out to frame law-abiding Americans as “insurrectionists” for the crime of opposing the ruling party.

That’s how dictatorial regimes work, not free republics. The FBI needs a thorough top-to-bottom reform, but its corruption suits the agenda of Biden’s handlers, and so that reform won’t be coming anytime soon. America needs a thoughtful and honest public discussion about whether we really need the bureau at all and how it could be safely shut down for good.


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