Judge Says Trump Could Be Guilty in Civil Rape Case If He Gave Accuser an ‘Unwanted Peck on the Cheek’

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E. Jean Carroll is suing Donald Trump for battery and defamation; her claims are based on her initial contention that Donald Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in Manhattan in 1996. In determining Trump’s guilt, however, the jury doesn’t have to decide whether or not the rape, which Trump denies, ever took place. U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan has instructed the jury that all they have to do is conclude that Trump gave Carroll an “unwanted peck on the cheek” in order to find him guilty. Yes, really.


Although this is not actually a rape trial, a guilty verdict will be for Leftists the next best thing to convicting Trump of rape, and will further their efforts to demonize and destroy him. They’ll be able to close off any possibility that he could be reelected in 2024 without actually having to go to the effort of defeating him at the ballot box. Yet the legal chicanery that has been required to get the trial even to this point is off the charts.

First, there was the manipulation of the statute of limitations. As Ben Bartee noted in late April, Carroll was only able to file her civil case at all because of “an exception carved out in the New York state legal code that many speculate was crafted especially to enable the prosecution of Trump. New York Magazine explained that Carroll was able to file her suit “because of the Adult Survivors Act, a new New York state law that went into effect that same month giving adult survivors of sexual misconduct a one-year window to file civil cases that would otherwise be outside the statute of limitations.”

How convenient that New York State decided to make an exception to the statute of limitations for old sexual misconduct allegations right after E. Jean Carroll popped up with her evidence-free he-said-she-said claims against the man whom Leftists hate most in the world, about something that supposedly happened over a quarter-century ago.

And as you no doubt expect, it gets worse. The New York Post reported Sunday that the jury “will have wide latitude in deciding the truthfulness of the allegations against the former president.” Kaplan told the jurors: “The law does not draw a line between different degrees of violence. It totally prohibits all unconsented-to touching from the least to the most violent that a reasonable person would find offensive. In other words, anything from a gentle but unwanted peck on the cheek to stabbing somebody with a knife could be battery for purposes of a civil case like this one.” So if the jury decides that Donald Trump likely gave E. Jean Carroll an unwanted peck on the cheek, it could find him guilty, and all over the world the international establishment media would trumpet the claim that he was a rapist.


Kaplan doesn’t seem to have thought this through, or maybe he is simply secure in the knowledge that he doesn’t have to. If battery can be an unwanted peck on the cheek, then innumerable politicians and other public figures could easily be charged with and found guilty of battery. One of the foremost among them would be Old Joe Biden, who has been captured numerous times on video touching women, including very young girls, in ways that clearly make them uncomfortable.

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Either Kaplan hasn’t considered the possibility that the weapon he is fashioning against Trump could easily be turned against Leftist politicians, or he is so certain that the two-tiered justice system that is all too prevalent in America today will protect Leftists from suffering the fate of Trump that he doesn’t hesitate.

The Post notes that “jurors will be asked to decide whether Carroll has proven that Trump committed battery. If they decide that Trump committed battery, they are expected to be asked to what degree. After that, Carroll’s attorney has proposed that jurors be asked separately whether Carroll has proven that Trump engaged in forcible touching, sexual abuse and rape. The judge has yet to make a decision on that proposal.” Even if Kaplan allows this, however, such niceties are likely to be lost in the media frenzy if Trump is found guilty of battery. And America will have taken one more step into banana-republic status, with laws fashioned and common terms radically reinterpreted solely in order to destroy the regime’s principal opponent.



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