What Is Going On With the Strange Deaths and Mutilations of These Cattle?

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There is no doubt about it: these are strange times, and getting stranger. Men are pretending to be women and everyone having to fall into line and hail their femininity. There is a thoroughly mendacious kleptocrat in the throes of severe dementia who is pretending to be president of the United States. As the clouds of war gather, our military brass is learning about why white people are evil and why men who pretend to be women must be humored at all costs. And the strangeness isn’t even limited to the human world. It is affecting animals as well, as the extraordinarily strange deaths of some cattle in Texas remind us anew.


The Madison County Sheriff’s Office in Texas published a notice on Facebook Wednesday about this bizarre case. Local ranchers notified the sheriff’s office when they discovered “a 6-year-old longhorn-cross cow” that “had been found lying on her side, deceased, and mutilated on their ranch.” The mutilation was not what you might expect if it had been done by, say, fanatical Leftist anti-meat activists who wanted to deter people from eating beef, although such people could conceivably have been behind this.

The mutilation, in fact, was quite simply unworldly: “A straight, clean cut, with apparent precision, had been made to remove the hide around the cow’s mouth on one side, leaving the meat under the removed hide untouched. The tongue was also completely removed from the body with no blood spill.” How does one remove the hide around the cow’s mouth and take out its tongue without shedding any blood? And the story just gets weirder from there.

The sheriff’s office continued: “It was noted there were no signs of struggle and the grass around the cow was undisturbed.” On top of that, “no footprints or tire tracks were noted in the area.” And the area scavengers, who ordinarily would have feasted on a dead cow, were not interested in this one: “Ranchers also reported that no predators or birds would scavenge the remains of the cow, leaving it to decay untouched for several weeks.”

As bizarre as all this was, it wasn’t even a singular incident: “While looking into the longhorn-cross’ death, five other similar occurrences involving four adult cows and one yearling were reported along the area of OSR [a Texas state highway] running into Brazos County as well as Robertson County. Each incident occurred in different locations, pastures, and herds.” All of these were mutilated in the same way: “The other cows were found in the same condition, lying on one side with the exposed side of their face cut along the jaw line and the tongue, once again, completely removed.”


On two of these five cows, however, there was more: “a circular cut was made removing the anus and the external genitalia. This circular cut was made with the same precision as the cuts noted around the jaw lines of each cow. Just like the first, there were no signs of struggle or disturbance in the grass, no blood spill, and no noticeable tracks. No predators or birds would scavenge the remains for several weeks after death.” Even stranger, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office notes that “multiple similar incidents have been reported across the United States and we are actively coordinating with other agencies to find answers.”

No answers have been forthcoming so far. And the facts of the case are relentlessly strange that it is easy to look for dramatic and unverifiable explanations. Satan worshippers? Demons? Space aliens?

Whatever the real explanation may be, it is noteworthy that these mutilated cows are being found at a time when there have been several mass deaths of cattle. In mid-April, according to CBS News, a fire broke out on a family farm in west Texas, “killing about 18,000 cows that were worth millions of dollars and injuring one worker….Castro County Sheriff Salvador Rivera said the explosion and fire were likely caused by overheated equipment.”

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That followed the mysterious deaths of thousands of cattle in Kansas in June 2022. Their deaths were blamed on the heat, but it was not an unusually hot month, and numerous people with farming experience were skeptical of the official explanation.


Meanwhile, Leftist environmentalists insist we should all eat bugs because cows are destroying the environment. Are they destroying the cows in Madison County and elsewhere? But if so, why the strange ritualistic mutilation? Add this one to the many strange stories of our weird age.


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