OnlyFans Superstar Finds God, Leaves It All Behind

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The world today seems to be inundated with craziness, but reality TV star and OnlyFans model Blac Chyna has made some dramatic changes in her life that show that all is not lost: the still, small voice can still break through in the noisiest life, and sanity can return even to someone who is totally immersed in the absurdity of the contemporary age. Blac Chyna, who has now returned to going by her original name, Angela White, has found God, gotten baptized, reversed her bizarre body modifications, and quit OnlyFans. If someone at the forefront of today’s lifeless and degenerate popular culture can turn her life around, there is hope for everyone.


On Thursday, White posted a photo of her baptism on her Blac Chyna Instagram account, with the caption: “I was reborn on my birthday 5-11-22. God is good.” The UK’s Daily Mail reported Friday that the baptism was the hallmark of sweeping changes she was making in her life: “I’m not doing OnlyFans anymore,” she announced. “I’m kind of past that. It is one of those things where I did what I needed to do at that moment because of the circumstances I was in.”

This was a major step, as according to the Daily Mail, Blac Chyna “joined OnlyFans in 2020” and was quickly “confirmed as the top celebrity earner in the following year.” This meant that Blac Chyna was “raking in as much as $20 million per month — although she has since claimed that her earnings were closer to $1 million a year.” Either way, not an inconsiderable chunk of change, and Blac Chyna gave her voyeur base their money’s worth: she “regularly treated fans to raunchy content and celebrated themed days such as Foot Freaks Monday’s [sic].”

White explains now that she sees her OnlyFans career, however lucrative, as incompatible with the life she has chosen: “With me being baptized, that’s just not what God will want me to do. It’s kind of degrading.” She added: “I think my baptism on my birthday played a big part. Everything has been kind of trickling down for me and lining up perfectly. Now I’m just going by faith. I’m not even really going by like the Blac Chyna way or the Angela way. Let me just let God lead me.” She said that she now planned to “trust God in every step.”


White said that she sought baptism out of a desire to “become whole.” This was a telling turn of phrase, as Blac Chyna had undergone numerous body modification surgeries, including, according to the Daily Mail, “four breast surgeries, liposuction, and a backside enhancement.” Yet even with all of that, she didn’t feel whole. In fact, she has even gotten it all reversed as part of her process of recovering herself. In this is a lesson for the advocates of transgender surgery, if only they were listening: one can change one’s body every which way, but doing so will neither assuage the pain of the soul nor satisfy its hunger.

“I just got sick and tired,” White explains, “of being sick and tired of the same repetitive things. I thought, ‘Let me dig deep and see what it is that I’m doing wrong.’ Because obviously there’s something I’m not doing right, even if I think I am. Now I’m doing the right thing to the best of my ability so I can become whole.” To those who are disappointed by her new path in life, she was unyielding: “If you don’t like it, then you just don’t like it. But I will tell you this, there is a God. Nobody can tell you what to do with your religion or your faith or this or that. I hope that me coming out will enlighten a lot of people and inspire a lot of people.” Indeed. Of her reversion to her natural body, she added: “Not only am I doing it for myself, but then I’m also encouraging other people that’s even thinking about it.”


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So far, the response has been overwhelmingly favorable: “Everybody’s been really, really supportive. When I posted it, I didn’t think that it was going to be so massive.” She posted photos after undergoing surgery to reverse her body modifications and recounted that she went to sleep after posting them. “I woke up and it had blown up but in a positive way. When I saw that, I’m like, ‘This makes me want to even be more open and vulnerable with the people so they can see.’ So that’s when I documented me, dissolving in my face fillers in the lips.” White said “it got to a point where my lips were so big, even when I would smile, you still couldn’t see my teeth. Now you can see my teeth… I have teeth.”

She has more than teeth: she has genuine courage and integrity. She has even acknowledged that she got all the surgery in the first place because of “being insecure. As women, we want to look the best and like as fake as possible and plastic and everything needs to be perfect in this and that. But that’s not normal, that comes from insecurity and different things of that sort and just being in that certain kind of life and lifestyle. So I’m kind of done with that type of lifestyle and I just want to step into my own and own it.” Brava. May Angela White, the former Blac Chyna, become a guide for many people, to help them find their way out of the madness of the contemporary world.




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