No Jail for NYC Prankster Who Told Diners He Had a Bomb and Would Kill Them for Allah

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When Malik Sanchez was sentenced on Wednesday for claiming he had a bomb and telling two women outside a New York City restaurant that he was going to kill them, he apologized to the women and said that his actions were those of an “immature and reckless child.” Manhattan federal court Judge Colleen McMahon stopped him right there and corrected him, saying his action was “that of a sicko.” Nevertheless, she gave him no jail time at all while praising his post-arrest behavior and calling him a “pretrial success story.” Scaring people half to death is no big deal in New York City; in the decaying Leftist paradise of Bill de Blasio and Eric Adams, it takes a great deal to be sent to prison.


Sanchez faced up to five years in prison, but McMahon sentenced him to time served: he spent 23 days in jail after he was arrested and nine months confined to home. It was an extraordinarily light sentence for Sanchez, who ran a modestly popular (he had 5,400 subscribers) YouTube channel called “Smooth Sanchez” that has been dormant since his arrest. I watched hours of this little creep’s videos last year when he was first arrested, trying to find his bombing threat, but he had apparently already taken it down. He terrorized people not just in the instance in which he got arrested; his whole act was to walk around Manhattan and harass random strangers. He even assaulted one man, but apparently his victim didn’t wish to press charges. Whatever else he may be, Malik Sanchez is certainly a sociopath and possibly a dangerous one.

The “Smooth Sanchez” videos feature Malik Sanchez walking along the streets of New York City and yelling abuse at passersby, mostly young women. (He identified himself as an “incel.”) In a February 2021 video, Sanchez approached the outdoor seating area of a Manhattan restaurant where the two women were dining and said he was going to “enhance their meal.” Then he began shouting, “Bomb detonation in two, in two minutes.” He screamed, “I take you with me and I kill all you. I kill all you right now. And I kill all you for Allah. F**k, f**k that s**t. I’m gonna Allah. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna f***ing do it for Allah. I’m gonna do it, for, Allah, Allah, Allahu akbar, Come on. I do it, bomb now, bomb now.”


This moving peroration led six people to flee from the enclosed outdoor dining area, which the Cary-Grant-like, self-proclaimed Smooth young man took as a victory. “Yo, all of them scattered. … Holy s**t. Holy s**t, boys. That was f***ing five stars. That was five stars. Holy s**t, huh?”

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According to the Daily Beast, in another video on March 20, 2021, Sanchez was seen “making hand gestures ‘mimicking pointing a gun.'” A court filing stated, “After multiple individuals attempted to get Sanchez to stop, Sanchez sprayed pepper spray in the face of one of those individuals. Sanchez was arrested by responding NYPD officers and charged with state offenses and was thereafter released on bail.”

Not only that, but once Sanchez had been arrested, police discovered that he had previously pepper-sprayed another woman when she took exception to his videoing her.

One of the women who was at the restaurant when Sanchez came up and started screaming about Allah and his bomb recounted, “For the next several weeks, I lived with my parents in Pennsylvania, too afraid to return to life in the city. I was convinced that a terrorist was operating in my neighborhood, ready to actually use violence at any given time. Mr. Sanchez altered my faith in humanity and made me realize there are truly bad people out there who enjoy seeing others suffer.”


Yes, there are, and Malik Sanchez is certainly one of them. But that’s no big deal in today’s entirely Leftist-ruled New York City, where coming down too hard on a young man who screamed “Allahu akbar” while making a hoax bomb threat might have appeared to be “Islamophobic.” Now, Sanchez hopes to join the military and he will likely have no trouble getting in, as no one in Gen. Mark Milley’s woke armed forces will care that he once faced charges for pretending to be an enemy of the United States. Loyalty? Dependability? Pah! No one cares about such things anymore. If Malik Sanchez can master the intricacies of Critical Race Theory, he’ll be a prized recruit.


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