Let’s Go, Brandon, in an 85-Car Motorcade: Biden Flaunts His Hypocrisy Before Climate Change Summit

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Potemkin President Joe Biden’s handlers have proclaimed that their wildly profligate ($1.75 trillion), pork-laden, astonishingly corrupt spending bill constitutes the “largest effort to combat climate change in American history,” and Old Joe himself rattled off some scripted words to that effect Thursday, saying that the gargantuan, grossly expensive bill will be “the most significant investment to address the climate crisis ever,” and “will truly transform this nation.” But as usual, our political elites are monstrous hypocrites who never hesitate to rub their hypocrisy in our faces, as if to emphasize their complacent certainty that their hegemony is forever unassailable.


The day after Old Joe exhorted us to support this massive investment in fixing the allegedly manmade climate problem, he climbed into his massive well-armored limousine, which is known as The Beast, and cruised around Rome as part of a motorcade that was at least 85 vehicles long. Climate change emergency, eh, Joe?

The Rome bureau chief for the Washington Post, Chico Harlan, tweeted a video of the seemingly endless motorcade, along with the understated comment: “Biden arriving at the Vatican. His motorcade is lonnnnnng.” Post photographer M. Robinson Chavez stated what onlookers were likely thinking, that this extraordinarily excessive display was “Not exactly carbon friendly.”

On the same day, Old Joe met with both Pope Francis and Italian President Sergio Mattarella and discussed climate change with both. It is unlikely in the extreme that either of them was impolite enough to ask Joe why he was riding around making an extravagant demonstration of the efficiency of the gasoline-powered engine when he is trying to soak the American people for $555 billion to shower on green energy projects and is issuing dire warnings about what will happen if we don’t fork over the cash.


This has, of course, been a hallmark of his disastrous faux-presidency. Throughout what passed for his campaign, Old Joe was banging the climate drum: in October 2020, he warned that climate change was “the number one issue facing humanity. And it’s the number one issue for me. Climate change is the existential threat to humanity. Unchecked, it is going to actually bake this planet. This is not hyperbole. It’s real. And we have a moral obligation.”

As is so often the case, the amiable old grifter was lying. If he really believed that climate change was “the existential threat to humanity,” as well as the “number one issue” for himself personally, he wouldn’t have swung into Rome with an 85-car posse as if it were 1955 and gas was twenty-nine cents a gallon. A man who has any kind of sense of integrity or responsibility (which admittedly may leave out Old Joe), if he genuinely believes that we are facing down an existential threat and that he himself has a personal responsibility to do all he can to overcome this threat, does not turn around and casually pretend that the threat doesn’t exist and feed what he thinks is the threat with an extended joyride.

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But of course, Joe is not the first Leftist elitist to show us by his actions that his words are pure bunk, red meat for the blue rubes, without an ounce of sincerity or truth behind them. In 2019, Barack and Michelle Obama notoriously bought a nearly 30-acre, multimillion-dollar beach house on Martha’s Vineyard, apparently completely indifferent to the fact that if the predictions of their favored court “scientists” are even close to true, their property will be underwater within a few years. Why didn’t they buy an estate in Iowa or Kansas, one that will still be intact when our coastlines are destroyed by our climate folly?


The answer is obvious. Iowa and Kansas aren’t glamorous; Martha’s Vineyard is. And they know it will still be glamorous in ten years, and that all that business about the coasts being submerged is pure hysteria and propaganda, designed to loosen up the masses for the latest trillion-dollar boondoggle that will supposedly fix the whole problem but will really just line the pockets of the elites, pay for the destruction of some American industries, and empower the continued economic assertiveness of the People’s Republic of China.

What could possibly go wrong? For the cosseted elites, nothing. Biden can retreat to his beach house, now being protected by a taxpayer-funded wall, and the Obamas can frolic on Martha’s Vineyard, secure in the knowledge that the gravy train will never end any more than Old Joe’s motorcade in Rome did.

But as Americans begin feeling the pinch of paying to fix this problem while Obama, Biden, and the rest of this corrupt gang laugh up their sleeves at our gullibility and powerlessness, maybe some people will remember Old Joe’s motorcade and decide in 2022 and 2024, insofar as it is possible in this age when attempts to ensure electoral integrity are smeared as a new “Jim Crow,” that it’s time to give these contemptible kleptocrats a free electoral ride out of town, courtesy of the taxpayers who enabled them to live so high for so long.



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