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Why Are People Still Fooled by Bogus Climate Predictions?

Why Are People Still Fooled by Bogus Climate Predictions?
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Joe Biden, who at one point was not a fan of the climate radicalism endorsed by Bernie Sanders and AOC, has gone full-blown climate nutjob.

“When I rejoined the Paris Climate Accord after we had been pulled out of it, the goal set when our last administration, the Obama-Biden administration, when that was set, they were set that we had more time. We don’t have the time now,” Biden said earlier this week. “The goals are different because the necessity is there. We don’t have a lot of time. We don’t have much more than 10 years for real.”

Oh, this one’s for real, is it? This time he really, really, really, really means it? Only about ten years left? We’d better spend boatloads of money to do something about it!

Enough already. Haven’t we heard all this before? Yes, we have. Climate change is easily one of the biggest scams of our lifetimes. Regardless of whether you believe it’s real or not, you can’t deny that we’ve endured decades of apocalyptic predictions that haven’t panned out, and Biden seems to think people will continue to fall for it.

In 1967, a Stanford University biologist predicted that it was “already too late for the world to avoid a long period of famine” by 1975. In 1969 a population biologist predicted that “everyone will disappear in a cloud of blue steam by 1989.”

If you’re reading this, you survived the cloud of blue steam.

Another prediction from 1970 said that air pollution would block the sun and force us into an ice age by the year 2000.

Oh, but these are old predictions. Science and technology have improved so much since then, right? Well, let’s fast-forward to 2004 when a Pentagon report predicted that Britain would be “plunged into a ‘Siberian’ climate by 2020.” In 2008, Al Gore predicted the polar ice cap would be gone by 2013.

Spoiler alert: it’s still there.

Prince Charles said in 2009 that we only had eight years to save the world.

Spoiler alert: humanity prevails.

Barack Obama embrace radical climate change positions during his presidency, warning of impending rising sea levels, yet, when it came time to buy his post-presidency home, he chose an oceanfront mansion a few feet above sea level. I guess he’s not all that worried.

Yet, Biden gets up there and tells us that we only have about ten years left to do something.. for real.

I guess since he said “for real,” that means this time it’s legit, and we’re not supposed to think about the decades—literally decades—of failed climate predictions. Were we “miraculously saved at the zero hour by a koala-fish mutant bird” or something? Has it occurred to anyone who still believes each bogus prediction that these are just fear tactics? We’re supposed to pretend that, while everyone else has been wrong, Joe Biden, who barely knows what office he holds, finally cracked the code?

We can be good stewards of the environment without being a part of stupid treaties that involve us giving money to other countries. Despite Trump pulling us out of the Paris Climate Accords, the United States led all remaining signatories in reducing CO2 emissions.

Seriously, can we stop it with the bogus predictions already?