While the Feds Go After School Board Dissidents, Miami Imam Ridicules Women’s Rights and Calls for Sharia

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While Old Joe Biden’s Justice Department hunts for “domestic terrorists” at school board meetings, there is a genuinely subversive movement that is almost certainly not on the FBI’s radar at all. A Miami imam, Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi, recently preached a sermon in which he mocked the idea of women’s rights and called upon his congregation to adhere to Islamic law, which in its classic formulation is not just a religious or ceremonial law, but covers every aspect of human behavior, including the political sphere. If a Christian preacher ridiculed women’s rights and called for the replacement of the Constitution with Biblical law, you can be sure the FBI would be all over him (as well as CNN, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, and all the rest). But Kablawi? Don’t be “Islamophobic”!


In a Friday sermon that he preached at Masjid As Sunnah An Nabawiyya North Miami and that was later posted on the mosque’s Facebook page, Kablawi said, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI): “The world is upside down, all they care about and all they are worried about is Afghan women. Suddenly you woke up and Afghan women are all you care about? The women of Afghanistan are fine. Worry about your own women. What do you want for the women of Afghanistan? What do you want for them? Afghanistan’s Got Talent – is that what you want? Miss Afghanistan – is that what you want? What is it that you want? Hollywood of Afghanistan… Is this what, in your mind, is right for a woman, that she is exposed to everybody, and anybody has access to her, is that… When the West says ‘women’s rights,’ ‘women’s rights’ – what is it? Tell us, what are you talking about?”

Apparently, as far as Kablawi was concerned, all “women’s rights” meant was immodesty and libertinism. And he had a ready alternative at hand: “The only solution for Man’s suffering today, is divine law – a law that does not get changed under the domes of parliaments, Congress, or all that nonsense. The only divine law that is preserved until today, is the law of Allah. That is your position as a Muslim. [People say] ‘Oh, you want us to rule by shari’a?’ I wish. I wish, then a lot of suffering will be eliminated.”

Imagine, here again, if some Christian cleric had referred to “parliaments, Congress” as “all that nonsense.” The Washington Post would be running a weeklong feature about the dangers of “white supremacist” Christians rejecting Constitutional rule. Wolf Blitzer would tell us again about how the republic was very nearly toppled on January 6 by a guy wearing viking horns and some tourists snapping photos. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would remind us about how she was very nearly raped and killed by the evil right-wingers a couple of buildings away from where she was. Old Joe Biden would take to his facsimile White House to mumble off a script about how he was running out of patience with “right-wing extremists” who “rejected the sacred foundations of our democracy.” The FBI would swing into action with all the energy it is displaying in hunting down rude people at school board meetings.


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And Kablawi wasn’t finished. “You would wish,” he continued, “that mankind would come to be ruled by shari’a. In other words, forget about it [being] shari’a, forget about the name – it is Allah. A new rule – give it a try. If you are objective, give it a try. Look at it. But they don’t want… They don’t want… I don’t care about them, but you as a Muslim, should believe that. You should believe that the only success and the only way you can establish peace, mercy, and justice in this world is by ruling according to Allah. That’s it.”

This is a call to replace the U.S. Constitution and to make the United States (and indeed every nation) an Islamic state akin to the Taliban’s rule of Afghanistan, or the Islamic Republic of Iran, or the Kingdom of the Two Holy Places, that is, Saudi Arabia. But calling for Sharia is one form of subversion that arouses little or no notice among the gallant defenders of our freedom in the FBI. They are just as concerned as anyone else is about appearing to be “Islamophobic,” after all, and they are well aware that Islamic advocacy groups in the U.S. today are an important part of the far-Left coalition that currently holds power. Wouldn’t want to upset them by giving anyone the impression that the Muslim community in the United States wasn’t made up of 100% Jeffersonian Constitutionalists.


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