Palestinian Journalist Who Kept Three Israeli Hostages in His Home Was Killed During Rescue Operation

AP Photo/Mohammed Hajjar

Abdallah Aljamaal, a Palestinian journalist living near the Nuseirat refugee camp with his family, harbored three of the four Israeli hostages freed by the IDF on June 8. The IDF says he was killed in the rescue operation. No word on the fate of his family, although an unconfirmed report says that his father, a doctor, was also killed in the raid.


Aljamaal was reported to have worked for the Qatari-based propaganda outlet Al Jazeera. But the terrorist mouthpiece says Mr. Aljamal only wrote one article for them in 2019. His primary means of employment were as a spokesman for the Hamas-run labor ministry and as a sometimes contributor to the Palestine Chronicle news outlet. Based in Washington state, the Palestinian Chronicle says that its team “consists of professional journalists and respected writers and authors who don’t speak on behalf of any political party or champion any specific political agenda," according to the New York Post.


That Aljamaal was holding the hostages in his private home with his wife and children isn't necessarily surprising — 19 employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) participated in the October slaughter of Israelis.

What's outrageous has been the response to the terrorist sympathizer's death.

CNN headlines its piece on Aljamaal, "Israel alleges journalist held hostages in Gaza, without providing evidence." Are they kidding? CNN publishes casualty figures from the Hamas-run Gaza Ministry of Health as gospel, and they're questioning the "evidence" of anything?

“This is further proof that the Hamas terrorist organization uses the civilian population as a human shield,” the IDF said in a statement.

Once the hostages are allowed to speak, let's ask them where they were held and what role, if any, Aljamaal played in holding them. Otherwise, I'm inclined to believe the IDF six ways from Sunday over any Palestinian or American news outlet.


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The theme of the day pushed by outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post is: Was freeing four Jews really worth killing a couple of hundred civilians? "If Hamas killed 200 Israelis to rescue 4 Palestinians from Israeli dungeons, our government would be condemning, not celebrating," wrote CNN contributor Omar Baddar.

Hamas would never kill 200 Israelis, of course. … Oh, wait. Did these "journalists" ever hear of October 7?

Jim Treacher added some badly needed perspective:

"Nineteen Muslims Killed in Twin Towers Plane Mishap”
“Dozens of Japanese Pilots Killed at Pearl Harbor”

No matter what these terrorists do, no matter how many wars they start, their entire strategy is to paint themselves as the aggrieved party. They’re always the victims.

They had to butcher all those people on October 7, you see. They had to kidnap the survivors and hold them hostage.

Because Jews still exist on this planet.

Then, terrorist sympathizers in the West do their usual song and dance: “Both sides are bad! Is it really worth killing so many people just to save four?”

Yes, it is. Because they were hostages.


If you can’t tell the difference between a hostage and a hostage-taker, it doesn’t make you somehow enlightened. It means your brain is broken and your soul is excrement.


Blinded by ideology, besotted with partisanship, and blackened by antisemitism, many in the liberal media refuse to acknowledge Israel's existential struggle against those who want to annihilate it. And if you're playing a gruesome numbers game, maybe you should start with 5 million Jews dead in gas chambers.

But numbers games are idiotic. Palestinian civilians are dying because Hamas terrorists hide in their midst. They do it because they know the brain-dead leftists in the West are salivating at the chance to show how morally superior they are by condemning the death of innocent civilians. Never mind why the civilians are dying. Closing minds to Hamas barbarically using civilians as human shields only proves the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of the left in the West.


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