Dem. Congressman: Trump Is Setting the Stage for World War III

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" and said that Donald Trump's remarks about allowing Russia to attack NATO countries were "setting the stage" for World War III.


“[Trump] wants to change how the United States is viewed around the world,” Moskowitz told MSNBC's Al Sharpton. “I mean, the idea that he wants to get back into office, and he wants to have better relationships with China and Russia, right, who are trying to destabilize the world should send literally shivers down Americans’ spine. You know, he talks about, Joe Biden is going to start World War II — by the way, that happened in the ’40s — but Donald Trump, what he’s talking about dealing with Russia, if Russia would start invading Europe, that would start World War III, by the way. Donald Trump is talking about that and setting the stage.”

More hints that Trump is a Russian (and now Chinese) asset? You would think the recent revelations about the Russia collusion hoax would silence Democrats about that ridiculous charge. Instead, they appear to be doubling down.

As PJ Media's Matt Margolis pointed out, Trump's statement about NATO partners paying up alluded to what happened in his first term.

Before making the comments about NATO, Trump was discussing the substantial financial commitment the United States had made to Ukraine, surpassing $200 billion, and the disparity between the U.S. contribution and that of European nations, which collectively stands at $25 billion. He said wasn't fair because the war in Ukraine affects them more directly, and the economy of the United States is roughly equivalent to the size of the collective economy of the European nations.

"I did the same thing with NATO. I got them to pay up. NATO was busted until I came along. I said, 'Everybody's gonna pay.' They said, 'What if we don't pay, are you still going to protect us?' I said, 'Absolutely not.' They couldn't believe the answer. And everybody—you never saw a more money pour in."


Trump was exaggerating, but the point is that he wasn't threatening to let Russia have at NATO countries that didn't pay. That's silly. How could Russia attack the Netherlands but not Germany?

In fact, as Matt pointed out, the statement had nothing to do with what might happen if Trump were elected. He was retelling a story about what happened during his first term.

At this point, we have to be far more fearful of Joe Biden stumbling and bumbling into World War III than Donald Trump.


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