The FBI Verified Details About Hunter Biden's Shady Business Deals, but It Didn't Matter to the Prosecutor

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Evidence is growing that Joe Biden was far more involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings than anyone has admitted. And the Delaware U.S. attorney, who investigated Hunter Biden and negotiated a plea deal with him, knows it.


On Thursday of last week. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) released the FD-1023 summary of confidential human intelligence documented by the FBI. The source reported that the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma paid Hunter and Joe Biden each $5 million in bribes so that the then-vice president would “protect” Burisma “from all kinds of problems.”

The story as reported by Margot Cleveland of The Federalist advances the Joe Biden bribery story by clearly indicating the then-vice president’s major involvement in Hunter Biden’s illicit business dealings.

A lot of information in the FD-1023 has been confirmed by the FBI, including the source being in the cities in question during several of the meetings with Burisma executives.

Following the late June 2020 interview with the CHS, the Pittsburgh FBI office obtained travel records for the CHS, and those records confirmed the CHS had traveled to the locales detailed in the FD-1023 during the relevant time period. The trips included a late 2015 or early 2016 visit to Kiev, Ukraine; a trip a couple of months later to Vienna, Austria; and travel to London in 2019.

Up to that time, the Delaware office of the FBI did nothing to investigate the allegations contained in the FD-1023 despite confirmation of several important facts in the document.


But not only did the Delaware office apparently ignore the allegations contained in the FD-1023, as well as the corroborating evidence already allegedly accumulated by the Pittsburgh FBI office, but U.S. Attorney David Weiss’s office allegedly secreted the very existence of the FD-1023 from the whistleblowers. Both IRS whistleblowers testified last week that they did not even learn of the existence of the FD-1023 until Barr publicly confirmed he had sent the information to Delaware for further investigation.

Incredibly, the FBI agents withheld the information from IRS agents working on Hunter Biden’s tax fraud case. And the reason became clear almost immediately.

“The IRS whistleblowers further testified that portions of Hunter Biden’s laptop were withheld from them and they were explicitly prohibited from taking any investigative steps connected to Joe Biden — or questioning anyone by using Joe Biden’s name, ‘Dad,’ or ‘the Big Guy,'” reports The Federalist.

Despite the fact that the Pittsburgh office had corroborated many details from the FD-1023, the Delaware FBI office never investigated. It’s even more scandalous when you consider that Weiss’s office was briefed on the substance of the FD-1023 and still did nothing to investigate.


Yet the Biden White House continues to falsely claim the FD-1023 charges “have been debunked for years.” On the contrary, the only thing debunked to date has been the lies of Biden’s Democrat apologists, such as Ranking Member of the House Oversight Committee Jamie Raskin, who doubled down on his claim that Barr had found the FD-1023 not credible and not meriting further investigation.

Joe Biden will continue to lie about his dealings with Burisma, any money he received to steer policy in the direction the Burisma board wanted it to go, and how much he knew about his son Hunter’s illegal activities because no one in the media cares enough to publish the truth. The media would rather have a blatantly corrupt, lying old man with dementia as president than protect the people and the Constitution of the United States by exposing his corruption and driving him from office.


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