4th-Tier UK Men's Soccer Club Demolishes U.S. Women's Side, 12-0

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A British soccer club from Wrexham, a fourth-tier men’s professional association based in Wales, played a team composed of U.S. female soccer players in a game. Wrexham won 12-0.


The Wales team took 39 shots—the Americans took five. And it’s more than likely that the team of average-to-below-average male players took it easy on the women; the score after 20 minutes was 7-0. National Review reports that “the Wrexham squad was composed of former, current and guest players and the U.S. squad was composed of former players including World Cup winner Heather O’Reilly.”

Another way that the special tournament tried to give American women a chance is that they played 7-on-7 instead of the usual 11-on-11.

Wrexham is owned by American actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, and the teams were playing for a $1 million prize.

Now you might think that women would be angry and upset at their performance. But this is America circa 2023, and some of the female players were apparently more than satisfied with Participation Ribbons.

“We’re super Proud,” O’Reilly told NBC Sports after the game despite the harsh box score. “Hopefully we’ve proved to anybody just go for it, just live. What’s the worst that could happen?  We lose 16-0 to Wrexham? We don’t care because we’re living, we’re being bold and we’re being brave. Here we have two amazing products that American soccer fans are getting behind. It’s just a ton of fun and it’s brought all of us together.”


U.S. Women’s soccer is in the very best of hands if these athletes are willing to settle for a historic thrashing and are celebrating because they’re alive, “being bold and we’re being brave.”



The U.K. men’s team overwhelming victory against the women comes amid the transgender debate in the U.S. and Europe, where proponents of the movement have insisted that men who transition to women retain no significant biological advantages that would pose unfair competition in sports. In school swimming, volleyball, and other sports at the K-12, collegiate, and professional levels, many female athletes have been handily outperformed by male athletes who entered the female division claiming to be women.

“We know testosterone has an effect on performance, outcome and strength,” swimmer Riley Gaines said during an appearance on Fox News in March. “Men, on average, and this is not opinionated, it’s a fact, men on average are taller, they’re stronger, more powerful, faster than women. Again, to deny that is denying science. We have so much data and scientific evidence that prove this.”


Trans activists will respond that hormone blockers even the playing field. The problem with hormone blockers is that unless they’re administered prior to puberty, the muscle mass is still present so that a swimmer like Lia Thomas, who didn’t start to take hormone blockers until long after puberty, is still able to bulk up muscles beyond anything that a female can do.

That soccer match decided nothing and changed nothing. The very best women’s soccer players are probably on par with below-average men. Lia Thomas swam on a men’s team and was ranked 554th in the 200-yard freestyle and is now fifth in the event this year on a women’s team.

You really have to twist your logic into a pretzel in order to make any case at all that transgender women should compete as females. Thankfully, most international sports associations agree.


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