Iran Security Forces Open Fire in Metro Station While Police Beat Women in Subway Cars

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The beatdowns, crackdowns, and shoot-ups continue in Iran as security forces continue their brutal war on the Iranian people.

It’s been 2 months to the day since a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, died after being taken into custody by the morality police for not adequately covering her head with the hijab. While in their custody, the young woman was severely beaten and ended up in a hospital, where she died.


Ever since then, a running battle has ensued between authorities trying to keep a lid on the demonstrations and protesters looking to defy the police and show their disgust with the clerical-fascist regime.

On Tuesday, organizers called for a three-day strike to commemorate the “Bloody November” of 2019 when hundreds were killed during protests against raising fuel prices.

“We’ll fight! We’ll die! We’ll take back Iran!” dozens of protesters could be heard chanting around a bonfire on a Tehran street,

Also in Tehran, police opened fire in a metro station at women who were apparently burning hijabs. In the same station, police can be seen moving through train cars brutally beating women for not covering their heads.


In an effort to deter the protests, the Iranian judiciary has gotten busy and condemned five more protesters to death.

Wall Street Journal:

The three unidentified individuals were found guilty of corruption on earth or waging war against God for alleged offenses that included killing or injuring security forces, damaging public property and endangering national security, according to the judiciary’s news agency, Mizan.

Wednesday’s announcement brings the number of people sentenced to death in connection with the recent protests to at least five, according to judiciary statements, but scores more could be at risk of facing similar penalties.

On Wednesday evening, state media said two gunman on motorbikes shot at security forces with Kalashnikov rifles, killing five people.

Iran’s current President Ebrahim Raisi is no stranger to handing out death sentences. He picked up a real taste for murdering protesters at the end of the Iraq War when the panel he chaired, convened by Ayatollah Khomeini to rid his clerical fascist state of dissent, sentenced literally thousands of dissidents to death.

Don’t expect mercy from this soulless killer.

Nearly 16,000 have been arrested since the beginning of the protests, according to the Human Rights Activists News Agency, which documents allegations of human-rights violations in Iran. It isn’t known how many remain in prison. At least 348 protesters have been killed in clashes with security forces, including 52 minors, according to HRANA.

One of the individuals sentenced Wednesday was accused of killing a police officer and injuring several others by running over them with his car, and was convicted of corruption on earth. Two others were convicted of waging war on God on charges connected with the stabbing of a security officer and torching of a government building in Pakdasht, and for blocking traffic and committing vandalism, respectively, Mizan news agency said.


It should be noted that standards of evidence and the rights of the accused are non-existent in Iran. The charges may or may not have validity, but we don’t know because no evidence was presented.

Eventually, the protests will lose steam when the jails are full or the leaders have been dealt with. And for a year or so, Iran will quiet down — until the next spark ignites the passions of the people and the whole bloody cycle begins again.


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