Can You Guess What Democratic-Led City Is Sending More Illegals to NYC Than Gov. Abbott?

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams is declaring a state of emergency claiming that the demand being put on the city to provide housing and other assistance to the thousands of illegal aliens sent from the southern border is “not sustainable.”


“A city recovering from an ongoing global pandemic is being overwhelmed by a humanitarian crisis made by human hands,” Mayor Eric Adams said in a press conference reported by the Associated Press. “We are at the edge of the precipice… We need help. And we need it now.”

Adams did not single out Texas Gov. Greg Abbott this time. Abbott has been sending busloads of illegal immigrants from Texas to New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., and Adams has often harshly criticized Abbott for his “cruel” and “inhumane” actions in shipping illegals to New York City.

“These hypocritical sanctuary city mayors are selectively attacking Texas’ bussing operation while conveniently ignoring migrants being bussed by Democrat-led El Paso and flown by President Biden,” Renae Eze, press secretary for Gov. Abbott, told Fox News Digital in a statement.

Indeed, I wonder if Adams is aware of who is sending the most illegal aliens his way.

Fox News:

Reuters reported that El Paso, Texas, has bused 7,000 illegal immigrants to New York City since late August and more than 1,800 to Chicago. That outpaces the bussing undertaken by Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who has sent over 3,000 illegal immigrants to New York City and at least 920 to Chicago.

El Paso officials say the buses were needed because up to 2,000 migrants were arriving daily, including impoverished Venezuelans without family in the United States to pay for onward travel.


El Paso’s Democratic Mayor Oscar Leeser didn’t sound very convincing when he said the city’s program is “completely different” than the Republican busing efforts and that the city seeks to “treat people with respect.”

There’s no difference between Abbott shipping illegals to New York and Leeser doing the same thing. Abbott may be getting political benefit from his act of showing up Adams and other sanctuary city mayors, but the ultimate reason is exactly the same. Leeser is sending illegal aliens north because El Paso can’t manage the crush of humanity that the Biden administration dumped on its doorstep. And so is Abbott.

Associated Press:

One out of five beds in New York City’s homeless shelter system is now occupied by a migrant, and the sudden influx has swelled its population to record levels. The city has opened 42 new, temporary shelters, mostly in hotels, but Adams said more would need to be done.

On Friday, he said that included city agencies coordinating to build more humanitarian centers; fast-tracking New Yorkers from shelters to permanent housing, which would clear space for new arrivals to the city; and putting together a process for New Yorkers who have extra room to house those in need.


This is not all Abbott’s doing. The Biden administration is busing and flying people from the border to eastern cities in order to hide the problem of illegal aliens at the border. Instead of holding them, they are forcing other cities to process and care for them. It’s a cynical ploy made all the more nauseating by the Biden administration blaming Abbott for a problem they created.


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