Govs. Ducey and Abbott Have Succeeded in Bringing the Border Crisis to the East Coast

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

The White House called it a “publicity stunt” when it started back in April. But the federal government had been releasing illegal aliens caught at the border into small towns and cities in Arizona and Texas, putting an unmanageable burden on social services in those states. So, Govs. Doug Ducey and Greg Abbott began to bus some of the newly-released illegals from their states to Washington, D.C.


Abbott dubbed the effort “Operation Lone Star” and initially intended it as a temporary program. But the governors have now succeeded at dropping so many illegals on the doorsteps of Democratic open border fanatics, D.C. now has its very own illegal alien border crisis.

Predictably, the chaos has become a political hot potato. The Feds are blaming the chaos on Washington’s local government, headed by Mayor Muriel Bowser, while Bowser is blaming the Feds.

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Whoever’s at fault for the lack of support for the illegals, local and federal government officials are getting a small taste of what Abbott, Ducey, and other border state officials have been dealing with for years.

Vanity Fair:

The busing program is part of Abbott’s controversial Operation Lone Star border mission, which is reportedly under investigation by the Department of Justice for potential civil rights violations. It was implemented in April as a kind of protest against what the Texas governor called the “Biden border disaster.” It’s a volunteer policy—migrants processed by the Department of Homeland Security must choose to board the buses—but some migrants have reported they were promised there would be support and resources waiting for them in Washington, and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser suggested in July that some migrants had been “tricked” into participating. (Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who instituted a similar program in May, have denied misleading asylum-seekers.) In any case, the GOP governors are exploiting migrants to make a political point about federal immigration policy under President Joe Biden, shifting a humanitarian crisis at the border to the nation’s capital.


By “small taste,” I mean small. About 153 buses carrying 4,700 illegals have arrived in D.C. from Arizona and Texas since April. And Bowser wants to call out the National Guard?

Not surprisingly, the incredibly naive open borders supporters would prefer the chaos.

But their outrage escalated last week when Bowser called for the National Guard to help bring the situation under control, which aid volunteers condemned as a “militarized response to a humanitarian crisis” that could further traumatize vulnerable migrants. “When you are met with the military,”  [Bianca Vazquez, a leader in the mutual aid response] recalls one migrant telling her last week, “you are treated as militants.”

Bowser has “aligned herself with Governor Abbott,” Vazquez says, warning that activating the National Guard could be used as justification for the hardline immigration policies of the right-wing governors. “It really, to me, emboldens and cosigns the cruelty of Governor Abbott and Governor Ducey,” Vazquez tells me. “We could prove that a community response is possible. This is an opportunity to show what welcome looks like and what it is to be a sanctuary city.”

Please define “cruelty.” Is it “cruel” to demand order at our border to prevent lethal drugs, sex trafficking, and other illegal activities from overwhelming nearby communities?

Why does Vazquez side with the criminals?

And as far as a “community response,” perhaps Mr. Vazquez should take a poll of D.C. residents and find out how “welcoming” they want to be. It’s not just red-state crackers who oppose the unlimited immigration supported by these nuts. It’s all Americans of every color in every region.


The crisis for the illegals in D.C. is a direct result of the stupidity and inaction of sanctuary city politicians and federal officials who believe that illegal immigration is a problem only for states on the border. And when border politicians try to enforce a sane, rational border policy, they’re called “cruel.”

I think Abbott and Ducey are two of the most compassionate politicians there are.




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