Arrests of Illegal Aliens at the Border Surge to More Than 220,000 in March

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The number of illegal aliens arrested at the border in March hit 221,303 — the highest yet number of arrests at the border during the Biden presidency.

That’s 28% higher than March 2021 when 173,277 migrants were encountered. In March 2020, just 34,460 illegals were arrested at the border.


The number of illegals arrested at the border in March surpasses any single month during all of 2021. There were 219,953 illegals arrested at the border in July 2021.

Fox News:

The number is bigger than last year’s high of 213,953 in July and is the third time under Biden that there have been more than 200,000 migrants at the border — which only occurred in two months at the height of the 2021 surge. While numbers dipped since July, they have remained comparatively high compared to the same months in prior years — never dipping below 150,000. Now, as the spring and summer months approach, they are already well above 200,000.

There have now been 1,026,460​ encounters in the first 6 months of Fiscal Year 22, which began in October. In the first six months of the record setting FY 21, there were only 570,826​ encounters. This means the first six months of FY 22 are up 79% over the first 6 months of record setting FY 21.

In the immortal words of The Jazz Singer Al Jolson, often quoted by Ronald Reagan, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

If DHS estimates of illegal entries once public health rule Title 42 is lifted are anywhere near correct, the United States — and especially southern border states — are going to be in a world of hurt. The number of illegals arrested on a daily basis during the month of March was 7,000 to 8,000.


Biden’s DHS estimates that number will swell to 18,000 a day if Title 42 is lifted.

The coming ending of Title 42, and the predicted migrant surge, has led to significant bipartisan pushback. Republican states have sued to stop the lifting of the order, while a number of moderate Democrats have called on the administration to change course.

“Title 42 was put in place because of a public health emergency. It shouldn’t be around forever, but right now this administration does not have a plan. I warned them about this months ago,” Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz. told reporters this week.

Kelly is running for re-election in the fall and knows that unless the president stops the process of lifting Title 42, he will have no chance in November.

Other Democrats are joining with Republicans to block the administration from proceeding. Senator Joe Manchin called the decision to end the order “frightening.”

The ranking minority member on the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. John Katko of New York, believes that Border Patrol agents are “going to lose complete operational control of the border, if and when that surge happens.”


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This isn’t just an inconvenience. It’s not “right-wing talking points” or any other manufactured political crisis by Republicans. This will be a matter of life and death for the human beings who have been invited here by Joe Biden and his open border pals. That many people desperately trying to enter through a limited number of crossings will result in chaos and tragedy.

And it will be on Biden’s head if it comes to pass.




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