San Franciscans Vote on Tuesday to Recall Three Woke School Board Members

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Will sanity prevail in San Francisco’s school board recall, or are the inmates too far gone to come back to planet earth?

Voters in San Francisco will go to the polls on Tuesday in an attempt to recall three school board members who thought it more important to change the names of schools named after white Americans than teach their kids to read.


Indeed, with reading scores in one of the richest, best-funded school districts in California in the bottom 7% of the state, many angry, frustrated parents are forcing the issue by attempting to recall three of the wokest offenders.

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One of the organizers of the recall effort calls the school system a “dumpster fire” putting “woke politics” ahead of quality learning.

Fox News:

“The school board has not been prioritizing our childrens’ education, instead focusing on renaming schools and closing merit-based admissions,” said another petition organizer, Leslie Huang.

The recall effort began more than a year ago while public schools remained closed even as city officials deemed it was safe for all kids to return to in-person classes. Parents grew angry after the school board focused on renaming 44 school sites deemed to be offensive, including high schools named after Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, while private schools opened safely and there schools remained closed.

The three school board members — Alison Collins, Gabriela Lopez, and Faauuga Moliga — are toast, according to a local blogger.

My November story on the recall concluded, “If there is a path to victory for the three School Board members, I don’t see it.”

I still don’t. In fact, the chance of any of the three school board members surviving has gotten even worse.

Recall opponents cite a Republican billionaire’s huge donation of funds to the recall as reason to vote no. But when progressive leaders like Matt Gonzalez and John Burton appear in pro-recall mailings, the recall is not a “right wing power grab.”

Labeling the recall a Mayor Breed power grab never had much weight given that she appointed one of the members (Faauuga Moliga) facing recall.


This is just good, old-fashioned, pitchfork, tar, and feathers politics with decidedly unwoke parents who just want their kids to be able to read, write, and think independently without making them social guinea pigs and filling their heads with propaganda.

Hopefully, a victory for the forces of reason and sanity might inspire others across the country who can recall their school board members.



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