Democratic Governor Calls for 'Civility and Respect' on Mask Wearing

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Now that even blue state governors are relaxing or eliminating mask mandates, Democratic Governor of Colorado Jared Polis thinks everyone should demonstrate “civility and respect” toward one another when it comes to whether to wear a mask or not.


The governor did not say why there shouldn’t have been “civility and respect” directed at those who chose not to wear masks previously. Guess it sort of slipped his mind.

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The Hill:

Polis said on Sunday that the CDC should continue to provide guidance without political interference and allow people to make their own choices when it comes to wearing a mask.

“There’s something more important than whether you wear a mask or not and that’s civility and respect,” said Polis. “And if you’re somebody who doesn’t like wearing masks respect those who do. If you’re somebody who likes wearing masks, please respect those who don’t.”

“Can’t we all just get along,” right, guv? Except we need to ask where this compassion was when innocent maskless people were being beaten in public on planes, in restaurantsin stores, and even on a train.


The common denominator in almost all of these brawls was that someone who was masked objected to someone who refused to wear one. Yes, there were some brawls started by maskless people, but the preponderance of fights was started by masked individuals.

There were very few calls from Democratic governors for tolerance and civility during this pandemic. It’s nice to see Polis get some religion on the matter, but it’s far too little and too late in my book.


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