In an Incoherent Speech, Biden Calls His VP 'President Harris' and Stokes Anti-GOP Fears

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Joe Biden addressed the graduating class of the historically black South Carolina State University and proceeded to bore the kids to death in a listless speech in which he made numerous gaffes and misstatements.


There was hardly any reaction to Biden’s commencement address at all.

At different points in the speech, Biden referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris.”

He also mangled a reference to some police reform.

Fox News:

“On police reform, I share the frustration,” Biden said at one point. “And I know the family well – the George Family Justice Act and Policing Act – I know the family well,” Biden said, mangling the name of Democrats’ George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

At another point, the president spoke glowingly of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, touting, “Of course, President Harris is a proud Howard [University] alum.”

The only point where Biden raised his energy level was when he spoke of the Democrats’ electoral power grab.

“We have to protect that sacred right to vote, for God’s sake,” Biden said. “I’ve never seen anything like the unrelenting assault on the right to vote,” he said.


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Biden is shadowboxing, of course. There is no such thing as a “right to vote” by mail. There is no such right written or implied in the Constitution. There is no right to vote at specific times or for specific hours. Asking a citizen to present identification to receive a ballot does not threaten their right to vote any more than requiring people to register to vote threatens it.

Restrictions on mail-in votes, requiring a voter to show ID, and limiting the hours a citizen can vote in no way, shape, or form restrict, threaten, or limit anyone’s right to vote.

This is Biden trying to gin up hysterical, anti-Republican fear among black voters. It is a despicable tactic coming from a despicable man who heads a despicable party.


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