Chicago Cops Brace For Another Weekend of Chaos in the Loop

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Last weekend in Chicago’s Loop, all hell broke loose as hundreds of teens rampaged across the downtown area near Millenium Park. A bus driver was assaulted, a young girl was shot, and 21 people were arrested.


It’s becoming a distressingly familiar occurrence in Chicago. Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames the parents. “Do you know where your children are?” the clueless mayor asked.

Last weekend’s “Wild in the Streets” moment was the result of social media influencers spreading the word on several platforms. But the “Flash Mob” wasn’t some harmless stunt. Two officers were injured in the melee, and the general sense of lawlessness has much of the city on edge.

Chicago’s top cop, police Superintendent David Brown, has vowed to prevent a repeat of last weekend’s chaos.

Chicago Sun-Times:

“There will be more of everything,” Chicago Police Supt. David Brown told reporters at police headquarters Friday.

Without going into specifics, police said there would be additional resources in and around Millennium Park this weekend. There is also a plan to evacuate the park in an emergency.

Brown said his officers would likely be “more aggressive” in making arrests the moment they witness criminal behavior.

“But that is not the role of policing — to babysit people’s kids,” he said. “Parents should not be driving their kids from all parts of Chicagoland and dropping them off downtown. It’s just irresponsible as a parent, particularly the younger kids we saw downtown: the 12-year-olds, the 14-year-olds with no adult supervision.”


Excuse me, but what planet is Superintendent Brown from? Probably the same planet that his erstwhile boss, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, comes from.

Fox 32:

“We do have some folks who are acting a fool and we will not tolerate that and I’m calling on the parents and guardians to step up and do your part. We want our young people to enjoy the city – it is their city after all, but they’ve got to do it in a way that is respectful to the rights of others,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Monday.

The transit union was none too pleased that one of their drivers was badly beaten by the mob. They want more police presence and stiffer penalties.

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I wonder if union president Keith Hill is from the same planet as Lightfoot and Brown?

“Our drivers are furious. They are beyond scared, they are upset they are sitting ducks in that seat,” Hill said. “The most important thing is we need police presence, we need stiffer penalties. You can ban a person from going into a store or a sports event, but we can’t ban nobody from taking public transportation no matter how many times they assault us?”


This is not a “discipline” problem. These are not good kids being led astray by bad kids. It’s a problem that won’t be solved by more parental supervision. This is a sickness in the body politic — a total and complete breakdown of respect for anything and anyone. And it’s brought to you by radical leftists who have taught their children well.

The kids are not being driven downtown by their parents and then dropped off so they can roam around downtown as Supt. Brown suggests. The city has an excellent public transportation system, and the kids don’t need mom or dad to drive them anywhere. When clueless public servants start casting about for someone to blame for the chaos, they might start by looking in their bathroom mirror every morning.


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