100 Afghan Refugees Flagged for Possible Ties to Terrorism

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About 30,000 Afghans and their families who assisted U.S. forces during the occupation were able to make it out of Kabul before the Taliban took over. But are we sure that no Afghans with ties to terrorism made it to the United States?


That’s not an idle or silly question. In the chaos surrounding the evacuation from Kabul, there was no time to properly vet every single Afghan who wanted to come to America. According to the National Immigration Forum, it takes 18-24 months to properly vet a refugee. An expedited process was undertaken by the Obama administration to admit as many Syrian refugees as possible, which cut that time period to about 8 months.

Joe Biden was clearing refugees for entry to the United States in a matter of hours.

So, what could go wrong? Two refugees were already sent to Kosovo for further questioning after it was discovered they had ties to the Taliban.

Fox News:

“A lot of people were moved very quickly and the intelligence community has been working hard to evaluate whether any of them pose a threat,” said a senior federal law enforcement official, according to the report. “Some of the vetting occurs while they are overseas, and some of it occurs here … We are not going to allow people to intentionally be released into the community if they have unresolved derogatory information.”

Other Afghans who fled to America and who raise security concerns will also be sent to Kosovo, according to the sources, who said evaluations are currently underway in the Washington, D.C. area after some evacuees were found to have been previously deported from the U.S. for past criminal offenses.

“The Department of Homeland Security is now deciding what to do with the individuals,” the report read.


Doesn’t that fill you with confidence about the great job our State Department is doing in vetting refugees?

During a briefing on Thursday, State Department spokesperson Ned Price told reporters that anyone who traveled to America from Afghanistan during the evacuation process will “undergo a rigorous vet,” yet he refused to provide details on what will be done with those who fail the vetting process.

“Before anyone who is evacuated from Afghanistan comes to this country, they undergo a rigorous vet,” Price told reporters. “Unless and until they complete that vet they will not be in a position to come to the U.S.”

But some unnamed State Department official told Fox News, “Some of the vettings occur while they are overseas, and some of it occurs here…” How does that jibe with Price’s boast that “before anyone” evacuated from Afghanistan “comes to this country, they undergo a rigorous vet”?

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Maybe by tomorrow, they’ll have their stories straight.

It boggles the mind how the Biden administration can justify bringing tens of thousands of people to the United States whom we know so little about. Sure, the chances are very small that only a couple of refugees will be terrorists. That’s the gamble that France took, and they paid for it with several deadly attacks.


What will it take for Biden and the Democrats to understand that the American people want a zero-tolerance policy toward letting terrorists into the United States? No one cares if “most” of the refugees are fine. No one cares if almost all of the new arrivals will be law-abiding, caring people.

The Biden administration has made a calculated decision to allow people into the United States who probably aren’t terrorists — but very well could be. And if they’re wrong, it’s no big deal. They won’t kill or maim more than a handful of Americans. Better that than “betraying our fundamental values” and taking too long to allow people to come into the country.


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