Colbert Compares Americans Who Attended the Capitol Riot to the Taliban

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“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert is considered by media critics to be a very, very funny fellow. Frankly, most of us don’t see it. I suppose if you find ripping the wings off of flies to be amusing, his brand of humor might appeal to you.


Case in point: Colbert’s ringing defense of Joe Biden’s nauseating speech to the nation that tried to deflect blame for the debacle in Afghanistan to others. “He’s right, Colbert said of Biden. “Why should our soldiers be fighting radicals in a civil war in Afghanistan? We’ve got our own on Capitol Hill,” Colbert said.

He continued, “What’s happening now is the responsibility of both parties, and the American people who voted them into office.”

No one is asking American soldiers to fight in Afghanistan anymore. That’s a strawman argument. All the American people and both parties wanted was a competent withdrawal. And Biden blew it.

“The U.S. has been there for 20 years. We spent $2 trillion. We trained a 300,000-man strong Afghan army, and the Taliban took it over in 10 days,” the late-night host summarized. “The country is in complete chaos.”

But it’s not Biden’s fault?


Indeed, the way the left appears to be spinning the debacle puts far more blame on Donald Trump than any other politician, including Barack Obama, who, rather than withdraw troops, sent a “surge” of military power to Afghanistan to forestall a Taliban takeover then.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid also compared the American right to the Taliban.

Fox News:

MSNBC host Joy Reid came under fire Saturday for comparing the religious right in the United States to the Taliban, claiming they want to force women “solely into childbirth” and out of the workforce.

“This is the real-life Handmaid’s Tale,” Reid tweeted, comparing the situation in Afghanistan to the novel and dystopian drama series “The Handmaid’s Tale,” where women are portrayed as property and forced to bear children.

“A true cautionary tale for the U.S., which has our own far religious right dreaming of a theocracy that would impose a particular brand of Christianity, drive women from the workforce and solely into childbirth, and control all politics,” the tweet continued.


Joy Reid is supposed to be some kind of expert on politics. Perhaps she could enlighten us all about a possible scenario where the paleo-right could take political power in the United States. Only in a bad political novel could such a ludicrously ignorant history unfold.

But we’re not talking about “realism.” We’re talking about whatever the left thinks they can sell. And if people want to believe that conservative Christians or Capitol rioters have any similarities to the Taliban, there isn’t much you can do except pat them on the head and try and make sure they get back on their meds.


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