Suddenly, Democrats Express Support for Voter ID Laws

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Democrats have used voter ID laws to hammer Republicans for their supposed racism in supporting this simple voting integrity measure. In some campaigns, such as the Georgia governor’s race of 2018, Democratic hysterical opposition to voter ID led to a media frenzy about the “suppression” of the black vote.


It was never anything of the sort, of course. And as proof, try this on for size: National Democrats who skewered the GOP for passing voter ID laws now say it’s fine. Some, like Georgia’s Stacey Abrams (who wept about “suppression” of the black vote), now claim it’s simple common sense.

Washington Examiner:

In 2018, Georgia’s wannabe governor, Stacey Abrams, said voter ID laws are intended to “scare people out of voting.” Now, she audaciously says, “No one has ever objected to having to prove who you are to vote. It’s been part of our nation’s history since the inception of voting.”

Recently elected Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock is even more brazen in lying about opposing voter ID laws.

For years, then-Pastor Raphael Warnock, now a senator from Georgia, claimed ID laws were a form of “voter suppression” so “unnecessary and unjustifiable” that they amount to “dismember[ing]” Martin Luther King Jr.

Now he lies, “I have never been opposed to voter ID. And in fact, I don’t know anybody who is.”

The sudden reversal is because swing Democrat Joe Manchin agreed to support a compromise in the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act that included voter ID.

The John Lewis bill is less radical than the For the People Act, which was filibustered on Tuesday by Republicans in the Senate, but it is certainly no bed of roses. But to see the race-baiting Democrats say “What? Who me?” about damning voter ID to hell one day and embracing it the next should be headline news across the land.


Good luck with that.

On goes the roster of Democrats and leftist groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union who opposed voter-ID laws as “part of an ongoing strategy to roll back decades of progress on voting rights.” The most recent Democratic summary sheet for the John Lewis Act repeatedly names voter ID laws as a chief example of the supposedly nefarious practices it aims to combat.

Now that they see what Manchin sees — the public supports voter ID despite the Left’s decades of scaremongering against it — they are finally willing to jettison the claims they knew were meretricious all along. They knew that even liberal Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens led the way in pronouncing voter ID fully constitutional as a legitimate interest in preventing vote fraud. They knew former President Jimmy Carter, hardly a racist, led a Commission on Federal Election Reform that embraced voter ID.

According to the Monmouth University Poll, fully 80 percent — 8 in 10 people — support the requirement to present an ID before voting. But Abrams and radical Democrats saw an opening they knew to exploit. And race was the key.

Race is always the key. Democrats — whose party created Jim Crow laws in the south, deliberately suppressed black voter registration and blocked black Americans from voting for nearly 100 years — nevertheless claim the racial high ground because they have proven more responsive to the concerns of black Americans today than Republicans. They feel this gives them license to refer to others as racist, despite their nauseating racist past.


All is forgiven and forgotten for Democrats, who throw bones to black communities rather than work to educate black kids, ensure the safety of black families, and create opportunities for all communities of color.

Black activists play the Democrats’ game of hysterically accusing their opponents of racist actions as long as they’re rewarded for their loyalty. Since that won’t change anytime soon, neither will the Democrats’ hysteria.


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