Biden Child Detention Facilities More Massive in Scope, Less Humane Than Administration Admits

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According to a confidential report obtained by the Associated Press, there are “tens of thousands of asylum-seeking children in an opaque network of some 200 facilities that The Associated Press has learned spans two dozen states and includes five shelters with more than 1,000 children packed inside.”


There’s much more. Because the Biden administration has been trying to play down the crisis, they’ve allowed thousands of children to enter “shelters” that are little better than private homes with a lot kids running around. There are no standards for these homes and children have been “coming out sick, with COVID, infested with lice, and it will not surprise me to see children dying as a consequence, as we saw during the Trump years,” child psychiatrist Amy Cohen told the AP. “The Biden administration is feverishly putting up these pop-up detention facilities, many of which have no experience working with children.”

Meanwhile, the media, compliant as ever, doesn’t find anything important to report on regarding illegal alien children at the border. The issue has disappeared from the news, despite the humanitarian outrages — the same outrages that occurred during the Trump administration.

“It’s almost like ‘Groundhog Day,’” said Southern Poverty Law Center attorney Luz Lopez. “Here we are back to a point almost where we started, where the government is using taxpayer money to build large holding facilities … for children instead of using that money to find ways to more quickly reunite children with their sponsors.”


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What Ms. Lopez means is that the same things that Biden was complaining about when Trump was president are happening today.

A few of the current practices are the same as those that President Joe Biden and others criticized under the Trump administration, including not vetting some caregivers with full FBI fingerprint background checks. At the same time, court records show the Biden administration is working to settle several multimillion-dollar lawsuits that claim migrant children were abused in shelters under President Donald Trump.

There have also been charges of abuse against shelters run under Biden’s watch.

Nonetheless, the agency has received reports of abuse that resulted in a handful of contract staffers being dismissed from working at the emergency sites this year, according to an official who wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The fact is, the more pressure these groups put on Biden, the less vetting of sponsors will be done. Where are these kids going? Who’s taking them and for what reason?


The children are being held under conditions that mirror those from the Trump years. The simple, uncomplicated reason for that is that there’s nowhere else to put them. And caring for tens of thousands of children cannot be effectively or humanely done when they’re crowded together in detention facilities.

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If the Biden administration spent as much time and money on trying to keep the kids and their families in their homes rather than make the perilous trip to the U.S., the problem would solve itself.


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