Government Confirms Leaked Video of UFO Is 'Real'

(YouTube screenshot, Mystery Wire)

The Department of Defense has confirmed that a video and photos leaked online in 2019 of several strangely shaped objects are not faked in any way and show three objects, virtually stationary, hovering in the vicinity of the Naval Air Station Oceania.


Just because the video and photos aren’t faked doesn’t mean they’re alien in origin. The office of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force concluded the craft do not behave like any known aerial phenomenon.

The Navy had been receiving numerous reports of UAP — “unidentified aerial phenomenon” — in the region and decided to send some Navy pilots out to investigate. Military authorities at first believed the objects were drones — possibly from China or Russia. But some of the photos and videos taken by the pilots make it very difficult to believe that story.


Since at least 2014, F-18 pilots flying into the zone designated W-72 have reported encounters with a bizarre array of unknown, unidentified objects and aircraft, positioned directly in their daily flight paths.

Investigators with the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force have requested that airmen try to document their encounters.

On March 4th, 2019, one of them did.

An F-18 weapons systems officer (WSO) seated behind the pilot used his iPhone to capture images of three different objects he encountered in the same airspace.


The objects are much clearer in this video.

Mystery Wire has learned of sensitive briefings prepared by the UAP Task Force and delivered to multiple military and intelligence audiences.

The Task Force reports noted that the objects were able to remain stationary in high winds, with no movement, beyond the capability of known balloons or drones.

Earlier this week, Chief of Naval Operations Michael Gilday was questioned by reporters about naval encounters on the west coast. Swarms of so-called drones buzzed Navy warships in July 2019, a few months after the east coast photographs were taken.

The Task Force is required to submit a public report to Congress in June that is supposed to let us all know what the government knows about UAPs and what it doesn’t. While some kind of report will be given to Congress, it’s not likely to spill any real secrets or contain any alien autopsy reports or metallurgical analyses of pieces from an alien spacecraft. But it will almost certainly contain some surprises.

So why the “modified limited hangout route”?

Unlike previous decades, when the UFO topic was ignored or hushed up by Pentagon leaders and Congress, Fravor thinks there are solid reasons for the Pentagon’s now-deadly serious interest. “We haven’t been attacked or anything like that,” Fravor said. “But I look at it for two reasons. One, if there’s a capability, we can’t explain it. Number two, if you can explain it, then you can literally change everything that we do.”


If there is incontrovertible scientific evidence that these UAPs are extraterrestrial in origin, we probably won’t see it. Some on the planet would not doubt rejoice at the news that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe. Many more would fear it. Still more wouldn’t believe it no matter how much proof was presented.

Reason enough for the government to keep their mouths shut if they know anything definitive about the origin of these UAPs.



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