Gavin Newsom, in Recall Hole, Keeps Digging

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California Governor Gavin Newsom gave his “State of the State” address last night and decided he wasn’t giving his opponents and advocates for his recall enough ammunition. So he obliged them by choosing to frame his campaign for “equity” as a question of not going back to “normal” when the pandemic ends because “normal accepts inequity.”


Telling people that things will not “return to normal” after what they’ve been through is not a way to win friends and influence voters. It is, in fact, another reason to sign a recall petition and vote the incompetent governor out of office.

Associated Press:

The governor further explained his comment that “normal accept inequity” by elaborating that inequity was the reason Latinos were dying from COVID at a higher rate over any other racial or ethnic group in the state, why the poor wages of essential workers’ are not enough to live on, and why the state has seen mothers leave the workforce in dramatic numbers.

The reason those wages are not enough to live on is that your housing policies make it too expensive to live anywhere in your state. And it could be those mothers are leaving the workforce because your buddies in the teachers’ unions refuse to go back to work so the schools can open.

Those two issues — housing costs and school closings — are what have people most upset at Newsom and he’s not helping his cause any by deflecting attention from the real problems.

Needless to say, Newsom opponents are lining up to take him on. One challenger, the former Republican mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, can’t wait to rumble.

“What we had, again, was more word salad and a lot of rhetoric,” Faulconer said of the address. “And really, unfortunately, in California, we have a governor that is botching the basics. That’s why you’re seeing this recall continue to grow with so much strength.”


Fox News:

Faulconer said he believes the recall and possible election of a new governor will help bring the state together.

“This recall is going to happen,” Faulconer said. “We are going to have an election in California, and it’s really going to be an opportunity to bring our state together, get us back on track, get us back doing the things we should be doing, like opening our schools and not having them remain closed.

“I’m looking forward to being that governor and to bring our state … back together,” he added.

Newsom has demonstrated an inability to grasp the needs of Californians and continues to promote policies that neither make any sense nor mitigate the effects of the pandemic. California won’t return to “normal” until Newsom is safely in political retirement.

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