Justice System in California in Chaos as Prosecutors Rebel Against Soros-Created DA

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George Soros’s organizations have given tens of millions of dollars not to politicians running for legislative office but to local district attorney candidates who all have similar ideas about the justice system in America.


Kim Foxx in Cook County. Ill.; Kimberly Gardner in St. Louis; Larry Krasner in Philadelphia; and district attorneys in Dallas County, Texas; Baltimore; and Bexar County, Texas, all received funding from Soros’s Justice and Public Safety super PAC. All are radical reformers who favor “social justice” instead of criminal justice. The millions Soros spent on these races are his most strategically placed donations yet. He can easily swing a local election for district attorney on the cheap — one or two million dollars is all it takes. And the impact of these radicals is felt immediately and deeply.

The latest Soros-backed DA to be elected is Los Angeles County Prosecutor George Gascon. His policies have been so radical that local prosecutors in several jurisdictions are in rebellion.

Los Angeles Times:

In an unprecedented move, a judge allowed the San Diego County district attorney’s office to move to reclaim jurisdiction Monday over several charges filed in Los Angeles connected to a violent crime spree that left two people dead, marking one of the strongest rebukes yet of newly elected L.A. County Dist. Atty. George Gascón’s policies.

In a motion filed last week, San Diego County Dist. Atty. Summer Stephan asked a judge to give her office control over five robbery counts filed against Rhett Nelson, 31, part of a broader slate of charges he faces for his alleged role in a days-long crime spree that spanned across Southern California and left two people dead in 2019, including Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Joseph Solano.


The San Diego DA wants the cases back because Gascon has refused to allow sentencing “enhancements” for murdering multiple people and using a gun to commit a crime. The difference is that the defendant could get a 20-year sentence in LA county as opposed to life without parole in San Diego County.

And it’s the same all over the state.


Last week, Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert characterized many of Gascón’s directives as “illegal and unconstitutional” — a contention repeated again by Fresno County D.A. Lisa A. Smittcamp.

…Smittcamp wrote: “Your special directives are extreme, and they are already wreaking havoc on crime victims and ignoring their constitutional rights. Your lack of concern for victims’ rights and public safety is of great concern to all of us who pride ourselves on protecting those very things. Crime has no boundaries, and these special directives will certainly impact areas outside of Los Angeles County.”

In LA County itself, other prosecutors are suing Gascon, their boss, for his extreme policies.


The Association of Deputy District Attorneys for Los Angeles County argues in the lawsuit that deputy district attorneys cannot follow the directives without violating state penal code.

“The directives violate California law, which imposes a mandatory duty on prosecutors to plead and prove strike priors,” the union said in a statement. “Dismissals of those priors can only be based on individual circumstances, not a blanket policy.”


It’s bad enough that prosecutors are being forced into unconstitutional, even unethical actions. But what of crime victims? A child rapist is up for parole and Gascon is preventing the prosecutors who won the case in court to testify at the rapist’s parole hearing.

Fox 11:

[The victims’ mother] Constance tells FOX 11 she was stunned when she recently received a letter from the state notifying her that Beltran would have his first parole hearing on March 11.

The shock was made even worse when the family learned that under D.A George Gascón’s reforms, their prosecutor won’t be allowed to attend Beltran’s parole hearing, and the family will be left to argue against his release on their own.

“Somehow the responsibility is in our court to protect society, and that’s simply not how it’s supposed to work,” the brother said.

That’s not how Gascon and other Soros-backed DAs see it. They see the responsibility of the court to administer social justice. They see social justice as a higher form of justice that need not be constrained, therefore, by ordinary laws and silly things like the Constitution.

And radical progressives are cheering them on — some of them in the new Biden Justice Department.



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