'We Need to Be in the Streets': Radicals Will Picket Trump Until He's Gone

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A curious phenomenon is emerging in the post-election world. As Donald Trump digs in his heels and swears to fight on, the unbalanced Left is becoming apoplectic in their opposition to the president.


And it’s not just the radicals. Most of the media, government officials, and intelligentsia are continuing their assault on Trump as if the election has yet to be held. While they acknowledge Biden’s victory out of one side of their mouths, the other side is still in full anti-Trump mode.

Trump hatred is not going away. And leftists will continue to spout their nonsensical, paranoid theories about how Trump is going to destroy American democracy long after the president has moved on to his next venture.

Washington Examiner:

“Letting Trump steal our democracy and stay in the White House after losing resoundingly in both the popular vote and the Electoral College is a possibility that is too dangerous to ignore,” said Patrick Young, an organizer with ShutDownDC, writing in reference to Trump’s refusal to concede the election.

“If you’re with the people, this is the time to rise up to defend democracy,” Young added.

They’ve become so used to trying to scare people into hating Trump that they hardly know what to do with themselves now that he’s on the way out.

ShutDownDC, along with many other activist groups in Washington, D.C., since the election, has vowed to keep the pressure on Trump for as long as he remains president. “We need to be in the streets,” the group said in a Monday statement after Trump claimed on Twitter that he won the election.

While some protesters continue to camp out in Black Lives Matter Plaza, others have set up stations around the city to protest various causes associated with the president. The group Families Belong Together on Monday built a chain-link cage on the National Mall and filled it with stuffed animals, representing children still separated at the southern border.


Drama and stupidity — a typical left-wing combination that will be amusing to watch going forward as Trump remains the focus of their fear and hate.

The renewed efforts at protesting come after a weekend of violence in which both sides portrayed radically different narratives about the other. Some viral videos showed anti-Trump protesters shooting fireworks at restaurant patrons and brutalizing Trump supporters. Others depict Trump supporters lashing out at his detractors.

The uncountable number of court cases Trump will be involved in will no doubt feed the frenzy further. This is the Left’s golden opportunity to codify criminalizing political behavior. There’s little doubt that after the Left gets through with Donald Trump years from now, the next contrarian Republican will think twice before taking on the establishment.

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