Biden Blames Trump Tweet 'Liberate Michigan' for Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

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The man who continuously referred to rioters and looters as “peaceful protesters” is blaming Donald Trump for inspiring the kidnapping plot against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.


The Democratic presidential candidate spoke about the plot in apocalyptic terms, comparing the plotters to ISIS and saying the plot ” should shock the conscience of every American. Every American.”


He continued, “And the failure to condemn these folks is stunning from the outset,” adding, “When the President tweeted, ‘liberate Michigan,’ ‘liberate Michigan,’ that’s the call that was heard. That was the dog whistle.”

The “dog whistle” was tweeted out on April 17. The plot was discovered by the FBI in September. That sure is one long dog whistle.

Biden excused the riots as an understandable reaction to the unbearable burden of racism and white supremacy. I don’t hear enabling violence in Trump’s tweet but I do hear it in Biden’s words. When he did get around to condemning the violence in late August, he never mentioned Black Lives Matter or Antifa. In fact, to this day, Biden blames the violence in cities on Donald Trump for telling far-left mayors to get control of their streets or he would be forced to act. Like BLM and Antifa, Biden says that’s a threat to “peaceful protesters.”

Biden is playing the old political game of accusing your opponent of exactly what they are accusing you of.

Biden on Friday accused Trump and Senate Republicans of “court-packing,” saying their push to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court before the election is an effort to undo the Affordable Care Act.

Biden’s comments showed how he is trying to flip a question he has ducked in recent days — whether he would seek to add seats to the Supreme Court to diminish the 6-3 conservative majority that will exist if Barrett is confirmed — on Republicans by focusing on health policies that a right-leaning court could undo.

“That’s what the court-packing going on now is about,” Biden said.


When the English language is bent, folded, ripped, spindled, and mutilated the way it is by the radical left — so that up means down, black means white, and “court-packing” does not mean adding justices so a liberal president can overcome a conservative majority, the world has, indeed, magically turned the wrong side up.

Just as an aside, has anyone else noticed how quiet Black Lives Matter and Antifa have gotten in recent weeks? There have been a couple of shootings by police officers that somehow escaped the notice of the national press. I suppose it just wouldn’t do to have streets all messy and bloody so close to the election.

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