Planned Parenthood Audit Finds Many Black Employees Victims of Racism

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An internal audit conducted by the Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance found that dozens of current and former black employees at the group’s national headquarters complained of being victims of racist incidents by white employees.


The company’s black president, Alexis McGill Johnson, promised to do better while also saying the group has always fought racism. He warned that a “reckoning” over racism is headed toward Planned Parenthood.

Washington Examiner:

“The urgency of this moment, the urgency of the reckoning that we’ve all known was coming … the deep urgency of what we need to do inside of [Planned Parenthood], stepping into leadership in this moment, I have never felt more urgent, and I’ve never actually felt more free,” Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill Johnson said. “And I want that feeling of freedom to give us all the covers to do the work that we need to do.”

Sounds like someone caught between wanting to put out some good PR for Planned Parenthood and assuring everyone how woke she is.

It’s all double-talk, of course, which is what you’d expect from an ultra-woke liberal group talking about racism among its employees. There is an “urgent” need to address the issue but I, a black woman, have “never actually felt more free.” Sheesh.

BuzzFeed News reported that dozens of black employees reported instances of racism and “anti-Blackness” when working with white coworkers. Planned Parenthood’s human resources department, however, delivered “no meaningful consequence or accountability for racial harm.”

What is “racial harm”? And how can you be accountable for something you can’t define?

“I imagine that little of it will be surprising to you that the collective experience of Black staff at Planned Parenthood is as heavy as it is,” Autumn Brown, an AORTA staff member who presented the findings, said. “What we were looking for was to understand … what is the collective experience of being Black at Planned Parenthood? Because regardless of the individual facts of the individual incidences, if we have enough incidences that look like X, we know that that means Y.”


“X” and “Y” go undefined. But that’s the beauty of critical race theory. If it looks like racism, feels like racism, and smells like racism — it’s only racism if we say so.

It seems hypocritical for a group that has performed millions of abortions on black women to be so concerned about racism. That’s why Planned Parenthood removed the name of their founder, Margaret Sanger, from the building. Sanger believed in eugenics, including the notion that abortion could be an effective form of birth control for the black race. It was embarrassing for the group to proclaim it’s anti-racist stance when celebrating its founder, who advocated the mass murder of blacks.


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