WHO Now Says China Did Not Inform Them of the Coronavirus in Late 2019

Very quietly, the World Health Organization dropped a bombshell on the world yesterday when they casually changed their timeline on the coronavirus to reflect the fact that China did not, as they originally reported, inform the WHO of the coronavirus in late 2019. Instead, international health officials discovered the virus through information posted on a U.S. website.


Both China and the WHO had been pushing the narrative that there was transparency in China’s actions in responding to the threat because they informed the international health organization of the coronavirus right away. That proved to be a lie — a lie that was fed and nurtured by Chinese propagandists and WHO officials who were in China’s pocket.

Washington Free Beacon:

China and its allies at the WHO insisted in multiple interviews and press conferences that China came to the health organization with information about the virus. This is now known to be false. The WHO’s backtracking lends credibility to a recent congressional investigation that determined China concealed information about the virus and did not initially inform the WHO, as it was required to do.

The WHO’s updated timeline, posted online this week, now states that officials first learned about the virus on Dec. 31, 2019, through information posted on a U.S. website by doctors working in Wuhan, where the virus first emerged. This contradicts the agency’s initial timeline, which said that China first presented this information at that date.

The Chinese communists lie for a living. They are very good at it and have been practicing for nearly 75 years. But if there were any doubts that Trump did the right thing in cutting funding for the WHO, these reports should convince them (it won’t but that’s another story). The WHO is not about being a world watchdog and an early warning system for the deadly threats we face. From the Ebola outbreak to swine flu to other recent infectious disease epidemics, the WHO has proven itself to be inept, corrupt, and beholden to powerful interests.


Rep. Michael McCaul is a member of the China Task Force in the House and their report, released last month, first disclosed the untruthful timeline posted by the WHO.

“I’m glad to see the WHO and the Chinese Communist Party have both read my interim report on the origins of the pandemic and are finally admitting to the world the truth—the CCP never reported the virus outbreak to the WHO in violation of WHO regulation,” McCaul told the Washington Free Beacon in a statement. “The question now is whether the CCP will continue their false propaganda campaign that continues to claim they warned the world, or whether they will come clean and begin to work with the world health community to get to the bottom of this deadly pandemic.”

McCaul’s report makes clear that WHO director general Adhanom parroted China’s claim about self-reporting the virus.

“Director General Tedros actively engaged in an effort to defend the CCP’s leadership from criticism, negatively impacting the world’s understanding of the virus and hampering the global response effort,” the report concluded.

Of course, this is a non-news story. The major media outlets in the U.S. are too heavily invested in the China narrative to alter it now. What are they going to do? Issue a correction or apology or even an explanation?


There have been several studies published about what would have happened if Trump had acted sooner. So many lives saved. So many fewer cases.

Wouldn’t you like to see a study on how many lives were lost worldwide because of China and the WHO’s lies?



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